Tried & Tested: Shakti CPX 860

The Indian-made plate CPX 860 is an economical, robust and easy-to-use processor for all kinds of thermal printing plates, says Sachin Shardul

10 May 2011 | By Sachin Shardul

Launched in 2003, the Shakti CPX 860 thermal plate processor is an economical, robust and easy to use processor for all kinds of thermal plates. This processor became very popular due to its ease of use and low maintenance.

Founded in 1992, Shakti Udyog has manufacturing unit in Chennai. Shakti Udyog manufactures equipment for the printing industry, which includes conventional plate exposing frames and plate processor for thermal, violet and conventional PS plates.

The CPX 860 is equipped with special features which provides the user to provide the faster service.
All this has made the machine an alluring prospect and more than 1,500 units are installed in India and the international market. Of this, 30% are Indian newspapers.

S Vijay, managing director at Shakti Udyog, says: "We have always tried to give the best to the print industry, whether it is the processor or any other product. This is one of the most preferred processor both in the domestic and the international market. Shakti Udyog’s skilled workforce and its focused approach has led us to achieve the goal of being one of the best in the graphics art industry."

Robust construction
The Shakti CPX 860 thermal plate processor has a 38 litre polypropylene tank which is corrosion resistant and easy on maintenance. Like any other processor, the CPX 860 has three stations which are developing, washing and guming, and dryer. The maximum plate processing speed is 200 centimetres per minute.

The processor has features like auto clean, fluid handling system, plate program, memory program for different brand of plates along with the plate counter, digitally controlled temperature sensor, direct chilling exchanger for faster cooling and in-tank roller for smaller size plates.

S Vijay, says: "The features in the CPX 860 are very unique as they provide user friendliness with ease of operation. The features in CPX 860 not only improve the quality, but also the productivity at a lower cost."

Market condition
To counter the Chinese plate processors, the Shakti CPX 860 is competitively priced. According to S Vijay, the prices which are offered by the Chinese manufacturer are very low but there is lack of after-sales service.

He adds: "We have a strong after-sales service support. We are committed to the customer from the day the order is confirmed. Due to our competitive pricing and the strong after-sales service, the printers prefer to own a Shakti Udyog product to low cost Chinese products."

Customer testimonial
Hyderabad-based Vamsi Art Printers was the first print company to install Shakti’s thermal plate processor.

Venugopal, managing director at Vamsi Art Printers, says: "We installed the Shakti Udyog’s thermal plate processor and were among the first to do so. The speed of the processor is very good. It is an equipment with tremendous added advantage."

He adds: "The output quality is extremely good. It has a memory program which can store the settings for different brand of plates. This helps the operator to set different speed and time required for the different plates."

S Vijay concludes, that the CPX 860 thermal plate processor has been a blessing – especially when compared to "low quality and low price Chinese products".

Maximum processing width 860 mm
Minimum processing length 450 mm
Plate thickness
0.15–0.40 mm
Developer tank capacity
38 litres
Plate processing speed 20–200 cms per minute
Developing temperature 18–35 degrees C
Drier temperature Room temperature ~ 70 C
Developer tank Twin brush adjustable
Finisher Recyclable  
Wash section Brush for plate wash
Weight 400 kg