Top Picks: Huber's Packaging Plus inks

Packaging Plus inks are recommended for packaging printing with post-print suitability, such as aqueous coating, UV varnishing and foil lamination. Higher lightfast yellow and ARSR magenta inks are also available as standard in Packaging Plus series.

16 Aug 2021 | By PrintWeek Team

The Packaging Plus inks are based on renewable raw materials, free from mineral oils and cobalt drier. They are also free from nonyl phenol (one of the major requirements for food contact material inks). These colour intensive inks are fast setting with good gloss.

They are available for varying tack requirements – both at standard tack level for tropical climatic conditions and also as low-tack versions for high-speed ultra-modern printing machines. The inks meet the requirement of ISO 2846/1 colour standard in laboratory conditions and ISO 12647/2 on-press.

These are fast-setting vegetable oil-based inks. It is best suited for today’s packaging printing, and the full spot colour range is available based on the same Packaging Plus platform. They are available in 1-kg, 2.5-kg vacuum packing and in 200-kg barrels for centralised press-out system. These are ready-to-use inks.