The Rahul Kumar Labelexpo column

More than 600 exhibitors will be showcasing newly developed technologies at Labelexpo Europe 2019 from 24-27 September at the Brussels Expo. I hedge my bets and share some of the frontrunners.

16 Sep 2019 | By Rahul Kumar

I am looking forward to the four-day Labelexpo show. I have blocked my calendar for 26 September or to look at SMI's labelstock solution which uses UV curable adhesive. SMI will be hosting a session during the workshop on self-adhesive material.

Also I am keeping one eye on Cosmo Films who have created a new building for the R&D team in Aurangabad. Pankaj Poddar said to the WhatPackaging? team that "the target is to have at least a team of 30 in the next two years." Cosmos has launched the first version of heat resistant film. The second version of heat resistant BOPP film which we are launching now, we have applied for a patent. Similarly for a CPP film which fulfills multiple needs at the same time, we have applied for a patent.

The heat resistant BOPP Film is interesting. In order to design mono material laminate structures, PET needed to be replaced with BOPP in the outer printing layer. The challenge the team at Cosmo Films faced was high shrinkage of the film at high sealing temperatures. A company spokesman said, “We overcame the challenge by introducing BOPP based heat resistant films which are clear, non-heat sealable and provide excellent printability. These new films are well suited for both - adhesive as well as extrusion lamination. Cosmo Films has launched a barrier version of the film as well, which has oxygen barrier properties and good grease resistance that comes in handy for oily snack food packaging. The company has also launched three variations to the HR BOPP film, one of which can take sealing temperatures as high as 190 degree celsius.

In order to achieve recyclable structures for packages which require high seal strength, Cosmo Films has recently designed CPP film where heat seal strength can go up to 2.5 kg/inch. The film also exhibits high barrier properties and can be used for two ply structures with printable BOPP film as the other layer. The film also exhibits high metal bond and works well even for extrusion lamination process.

Speaking of BOPP, there is Max’s new BOPP manufacturing line in Chandigarh. This is helping the company grow in specialty films. The range of innovative products includes PSL & IML, which is now equipped with higher thickness and flatness. Max has developed in-house coatings, ideal for print and adhesive receptiveness.

Then there is the Multitec S1 model in eight-colour and 450-mm width is a full-servo press with auto-register, chill rolls, two cold-foil stations, turnbar with delam-relam. Multitec Aids will demonstrate the press to print on 30-microns PVC shrink material as well as 12-microns BOPP.

There is a lot more, which I will share in my next column.

If you are at the Labelexpo show, and have any information to share with me, please email