The most popular Sunday Columns of 2023 - Part I

Noel D’Cunha’s Sunday Column is a popular read for the Indian print industry. He penned 50 columns in 2023. In this two-part series, we select seven such Sunday Columns which were the most discussed and debated

24 Dec 2023 | By Noel D'Cunha

Forty Under 40: Questioning the status quo, rethinking rules and seeking sustainable solutions

In 2014, PrintWeek published its first Forty Under 40 special. We celebrated tech-savvy, result-seeking, and above all, a cool vibe that the group brought to their organisation and our industry.

Almost a decade later, a fresh pedigree of superintelligent youngsters are shaking up the workplace, and their impact is important.

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Creativity and innovation stand out at PrintWeek Awards 2023 Jury Week 

More than 700 individual print samples for the Quality Awards in 18 categories reveal how printers and packaging converters are using the latest technology to create innovative products, which are also sustainable. PrintWeek reports.

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Will labelling and packaging see a rethink at Drupa 2024? 

Labels and packaging have been navigating through ups and downs during these past few years. Haim Levit, SVP and division head of HP Industrial Print, discusses key trends.

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What’s the best way to print labels? 

A trend prediction that seems accurate is that production runs are getting shorter while the number of SKUs is increasing. This means we're producing more labels with dynamic designs that add value. Traditional printing methods like gravure and offset are no longer the best options. New technologies like digital, flexography, letterpress, and combi presses are now available. Which is superior? Is this question even relevant?

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The industry’s innovation obsession; and how to resolve it sustainably 

On the second day of the LMAI Conference 2023, Harveer Sahni of Weldon Celloplast hosted a panel discussion on creating a sustainable label. The participants: Ankit Gupta of Holostik, Hemant Paruchuri of Pragati Pack, Akshay Datta of Datta Press, Rajeev Chatwal of Kwality Offset Printers, Upal Roy of Flint Group, Manish Kapoor of Nilpeter, Umesh Kagade of HP Indigo, and Sanjeev Sharma of Avery Dennison South Asia.

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KOPA spotlights packaging during its silver jubilee celebrations 

The Karnataka Offset Printers Association (KOPA) hosted its silver jubilee celebration in Bengaluru in March. In the afternoon, KOPA hosted a panel discussion with the top CEOs of the print and packaging industry.

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How sustainability is boosting Nutech Packagings 

Since embarking on his green journey in 2014, Nutech Packagings’ managing director Jatinder Shroff has added sustainability and CSR to its programme. Nutech's green building in 2018 was an important milestone. In this Sunday Column, Shroff highlights the importance of green as a strategy to boost bottomline.

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