The Millennial Mantra: Riya Palhade

Riya Palhade is a final year BE student at PVG’s COET in Pune. She tells Charmiane Alexander that she believes, brands must offer products and experiences that promote value for millennials and Gen Z to align their loyalty with a specific brand

18 Aug 2021 | By Charmiane Alexander

Riya Palhade

Which is your favourite book?
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the 19th century classic, purely for Huck’s fearless attitude and venturesome spirit regarding life.

If you could time travel, where would you go and why?
I would like to relish visiting ancient India from prehistoric times. I believe that people then were very civilised, progressive, rational and way ahead of their times.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read recently?
It was a blog on scent marketing. It highlighted how brands target our sense of smell, evoking the feeling in us to buy more of their products. You feel good when everything around you smells good. As smell is the greatest influence of all senses, it transforms a customary shopping experience into a plush, luxurious one.

Would you rather be like Einstein who is good with numbers, or Shakespeare who is good with words? Why?
Indisputably Shakespeare is good with words. It’s not like I feel numbers are underrated, but I believe that words can inspire, bestow blessings and ravage at the same time. Words are very impactful. They have the puissance of transforming one into a better version when perceived by the right person at the right time. Hence Shakespeare would be my choice.

One way print can change the world?
In today’s world where consumption and consumerism transpire on the go, it’s print only which accommodates the purport of identification and customisation. With its multifariousness, resilience, print not only serves as a base for Innovation but additionally imparts a whole new substantial identity to the product. Print has an impact. Nothing can tell a story more efficiently than print. I cannot imagine a marketing world without print.

Describe your dream visit to a factory?
I have been a foodie since childhood. I want to explore the gargantuan victuals factory of Nestle manufacturing KitKat. Tell me whose senses aren’t hoisted by just a single thought of crackling the KitKat wafer!? Thousands of employees, immensely colossal machines manufacturing this opulent creamy chocolaty crunchy delight.

In your opinion, what’s the best film/series about print you have ever seen?
A TV program named The Machine That Made Us. It's an excellent representation of the world's first printing press by the legendary Johannes Guttenberg. The story revolves around how Guttenberg revolutionised print. Must watch for all print enthusiasts!

Are millennials loyal to brands or do they prefer exploring other alternatives?
In today's world, a customer’s preference about brand loyalty varies according to demographics. Brands need to act as a mirror to let customers see the brand as a projection of themselves. Millennials being loyal to a brand or exploring alternatives depend upon how well a brand emotionally connects to their personalised needs.

If it succeeds to do so, millennials stay loyal. If they expect more multi diverse features, they'll look for other brands as options. They may switch between them and will stay loyal to those few brands only.

Which is better— a novel or a movie?
A Novel. Right from the fresh sweet smell of new books to the fanciful imagination and details, novels for the win. While a movie affords the power of visual stimulation, it’s limited in terms of having to tell a story primarily through dialogue. Making that transition from words to visual representation plus dialogue is not as simple as it seems, particularly when you’re dealing with a book that has a lot of inner dialogue, or that gives the reader insight into a character’s mind.

Movies don’t offer an emotional connection. So, while I’m arguing about whether the book or movie was better, I might just be standing up for that old worn-in friend with the creaky binding that lives on a shelf in my bedroom.

Social media has become the newest way of promoting packaging innovations or learning about the newest trends in packaging. Why?
Social media marketing enables to engender the right kind of influence among consumers. As everything is digital these days, companies are adopting this self explanatory way of promoting their brands. By following latest trends, posting relatable content, it creates a buzz in everyone's mind about the brand. And which is why social media marketing is effective and reliable. 

How can digital printing help in boosting creativity and consumer connection through packaging?
With digital printing, customised packaging is more facile to accomplish due to short run jobs. In today's era, shopping experience alongside the product purchase is equally given importance due to which product customisation is in trend. Digital printing enables creative personalised packages which are appealing, aesthetic and can make customers feel special and apart from the masses.