The Millennial Mantra: Prathamesh Patil

Nothing can replace the sense of touch, says Prathamesh Patil from SIES GST. Patil is currently the secretary at Indian Plastics Institute, Mumbai Student Chapter.

The BTech student tells Charmiane Alexander how he perceives printing and packaging

30 Jun 2021 | By Charmiane Alexander

Patil: Covid has motivated brands to be more versatile than ever

Q. One way print can change the world?
For me, the acronym for print is - personalisation, riveting, innovation, novelty and tangibility. Print favours personalisation, narrates riveting stories, boosts the scope for innovation, helps gain novelty and is tangible. Nothing can replace the sense of touch. These are the five pillars that will drive the changing world of consumerism.

Q. How can digital printing help in boosting creativity and consumer connection through packaging?
Consumers are gravitating more towards local and indigenous brands, which boosts the scope for what I call as ‘creanovation’ (creativity and innovation). Moreover, in a world that is actively seeking individuality, personalisation and attention, any stage differentiation via digital printing gives your brand the ultimate edge to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Q. Are millennials loyal to brands?
Millennials love exploring given the countless diverse options in the market, but if they get comfortable with a product or brand, they will stick to it unless something better comes their way. Incentivisation surely drives the buying behaviour of millennials. Covid has motivated brands to be more versatile than ever.

Q. Which is your favourite book?
Atomic Habits by James Clear.  

Q. Describe your dream visit to a factory?
I dream of visiting the Tesla Gigafactory at Nevada that houses 7,000 employees, automated warehouses alongside a team of supersmart robots who navigate the factory using digital maps to move things from inventory to lineside without much human intervention at all. I would love to see how the factory is designed to be energy self- reliant and intending to power the entire structure using onsite solar, wind and geothermal sources. All in all, a perfect example of Industry 4.0 in the making.

Q. Has social media become the newest way of promoting packaging innovations?
Social media provides companies a platform to engage with existing customers of different perspectives and reach new ones while allowing them to promote their desired culture, mission and latest trends. At the same time it helps them to get genuine feedback. We are living in an era of digital marketing, under which social media and influencer marketing help brands take their packaging innovations and sales to the next level.

Q. Your best childhood memory?
“Dhoni finishes off in style, a magnificent strike into the crowd, India lifts the world cup after 28 years ...” What a fairy-tale end it was for me to watch that majestic six from the captain cool to seal his place in history. Sachin’s dream of lifting the world cup came true.

Q. An interesting thing you’ve read recently?
As Internet of Things (IoT) technologies become ubiquitous, QR codes, near field communication (NFC) and blockchain are increasingly deployed as tools to elevate engagement and transparency. Internet of Packaging is one such type of intelligent packaging that enhances communication via the internet. Danone recently launched a dual QR code data service for baby formula applications that gives consumers and retailers greater transparency on the product’s farm-to-fork journey. The track and connect service also allows Danone to understand consumer preferences.

Q. An innovative packaging that you have come across?
Pizza Pizza is a franchised Canadian pizza quick-service restaurant. The restaurant leader innovated a unique box that folds out into a miniature basketball net, with pop-out game pieces that can be catapulted into the hoop. For a sports enthusiast like me, this is something that stands out.  

Q. Best film about print you have ever seen?
In Inception, the room they use as a training base is full of printing equipment. There is a quite impressive galley press, cabinets of type, manual guillotine, perforator, a little offset-litho press. The equipment was rented from The International Print Museum in the US.

Q. If you could time travel, where would you go and why?
I would love to go back to the old Arabic times and explore the middle east. I recently watched a documentary on Discovery+ called Arabia: A Journey Through The Heart Of The Middle East that triggered my curiosity.

Q. One thing that is on your bucket list
Watching a Manchester Derby football match with my best friend at the Theatre of Dreams (Old Trafford).

Q. Which scientist or technologist would you want to travel with on a long flight?
Jeff Bezos, the man who defined the entire landscape of the online retail supply chain. I would love to know some unknown facts behind this resounding success.

Q. What accomplishment are you most proud of?
Being appointed as the first ever general secretary of SIES GST Students’ Council from my department. I personally feel it is my biggest accomplishment till date.