The Millennial Mantra: Nishant Kanboina

Nishant Kanboina is a BTech graduate from SIES Graduate School of Technology. He tells Charmiane Alexander what he likes about print and packaging

18 Feb 2021 | By Charmiane Alexander

Nishant Kanboina

One way print can change the world?
3D printing is where the future lies. The technology has moved far beyond the traditional applications.

Which is your favourite book?
Wings Of Fire by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. The book emphasises the role of family and friends in achieving one’s goal.

What’s your best childhood memory about reading in a library?
My favourite library moment is asking the librarian for suggestions on which book I should read. Instead of handing me the best seller, she used to hand me the books based on my interest.

Some people say print is dead. What’s your take on it?
Print is very much alive and is presently facing a resurgence. No doubt print media is facing a decline in annual sales, but if we consider the print industry as a whole it still forms the backbone of many sectors.

Are millennials loyal to brands or do they prefer exploring other alternatives?
Millennials are spoilt for choice. They prefer brands, which offer more bang for their buck.

Which is better: a novel or a movie?
Novel, because they allow the reader to be a part of the story. It depicts everything in detail, focuses on character development and explains the lore better as compared to movies.

Any innovative packaging product that you have come across?
I recently came across a Frugal bottle design, a bottle made out of recycled paper. It is a recent innovation for wine and spirits since the launch of the glass bottle.

What smartphone feature would you actually be excited for a company to implement?
Addiction to smartphones is a serious issue these days. I would really like a feature that could help in combating addictions by providing a reward system to people who minimise their smartphone usage.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read recently?
I recently read an article about 3D printed food.