The hybrid kit has strengthened our overall operations: Ankit Mehta of Amba Multiprint

Gandhinagar, Gujarat-based Amba Multiprint, a 25-year-old organisation which offers a spectrum of products through packaging, labels and commercial printing divisions, recently invested in a Jetsci Global Colornovo Hybrid digital label press. Ankit Mehta of Amba Multiprint tells PrintWeek why a hybrid machine made sense for the company.

12 Nov 2022 | By Noel D'Cunha

(l) Ankit Mehta: With the Colornovo Hybrid, the best part is that it’s a hybrid, a great combination of flexo and digital in one pass for extended colour gamut

PrintWeek (PW): Which are the properties of the machine that impressed you?

Ankit Mehta (AM): There are two necessary parameters to evaluate any digital press, quality of print and running cost. On both counts, we found the Colornovo Hybrid to be the best. Plus, it has a Europe-made web control transport system. 

PW: Why did you decide to go for the Colornovo Hybrid label press?

AM: There are many machines in the market but they offer limited printing options. With the Colornovo Hybrid, the best part is that it’s a hybrid, a great combination of flexo and digital in one pass for extended colour gamut. This is an extraordinary combination, which has strengthened our overall operations. If you choose any other machine in the market, it will either offer you a conventional press or digital not both. Secondly, we did not want to bound ourselves with a machine with substrate limitations and fixed running cost of print.

PW: Have you considered other machines before making your final decision?

AM: Yes, purchase of this level always demands market study. After careful analysis, we decided to opt for the Colornovo Hybrid from Jetsci. It’s a complete package, best combination of features and price, which matches all our requirements with an ease to operate. The other important aspect, which is always a major concern for a printer, is after-sales services. As Monotech is an Indian company, there won’t be any service issues. 

PW: What was that final peg that tilted your decision in favour of the Colonovo?

AM: As mentioned earlier, before going for this digital press, we did our homework. As a customer, we needed a solution which would allow us to work on various substrates, the Colornovo Hybrid has a UV dryer, along with chiller plates under every printhead, which gives us accessibility to run many heat-sensitive materials, such as shrink sleeves, IML, lamitubes, etc. We cater to multiple sectors, including pharma, cosmetic and packaging and thus, we needed a press which is agile and versatile. It is easy to upgrade to seven colours when needed and a spot registered flexo to run pre-printed materials with cold foil in line. The trial run of the Colornovo Hybrid showed us that it can fit into our needs well. 

PW: Is there any special customisation being done on this machine to suit your needs?

AM: Yes, Jetsci Global has customised the press for us after understanding our requirements to suit our special application and substrate needs. 

PW: Is the press operator-friendly?

AM: Initially there were some teething problems to adapt to new technology but later on, our operator was used to all the features of the machine. Also, the Monotech team is always available for support. 

PW: Would you say that the machine is value for money?

AM: Yes, it is value for money, as it has combined features of flexo as well as digital. For the long term, this hybrid combination is a viable option. Secondly, if you compare the cost and benefits extended by a hybrid in comparison to other machines available in the market, I would say, yes, it is a value for money model.

PW: What is your feedback and recommendations?

AM: We are happy with the flexibility of the machine to run most of the substrates. It is an application-friendly machine, which allows us to deliver what we need. Our customers have no complaints. We are planning to shift a wide variety of our jobs to digital. 

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