The GenZ Mantra: Drishti Dubey

Drishti Dubey, a graduate student of Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP) says print will not be extinct

06 Sep 2023 | By PrintWeek Team

One way print can change the world?
Print has already changed the world. Imagine a world without newspapers and magazines, a world without labels telling us everything about the product or a packaging product with a pretty design on a brand. Even with the blitz in digital marketing and social media there is no hint of a go-slow with print.

What is the most innovative packaging?
I find the packaging in the shape of the product with bright colours eye-catching. For example, selling a banana in a banana-shaped pack or an apple juice in a container that looks like an apple with bright red colour gradation. It is simple but effective. It is probably the first thing that will catch your eye in a supermarket.

Are millennials loyal to brands or do they prefer exploring other alternatives? 
It feels millennials are loyal to brands, as it gives a sense of safety and trust. But there is a lot of experimentation and curiosity. They want to know if there is something better in the market. At the end of the day, their loyalty about their favourite brand is steadfast.

Your views about digital printing?
When we talk about conventional printing, it is used when we want a copy of an image or text in large volumes. But with digital printing, one can modify the original and produce short-runs. It costs next to nothing and can be used to print a single copy. This way it is convenient for the producers to customise. Digital printing like flatbed inkjet can be deployed to print on uneven and all-types of substrates.

Social media is a tool for brands. Anything that caught your eye?
One thing that caught my eye was the anti-branding that’s happening on social media. Instead of promoting their own brand people first make consumers believe that the product they use is a fraud and a scams For example, they tell us, the food we consume has much-less nutrients than promised. In this way, brand loyalty is weakened. Then they promote their own brand. And the viewers start to believe the brand ensures consumer’s well being.

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