The GenZ Mantra: Apeksha Deshmukh

Apeksha Deshmukh of PVG COET won the West Zone contest of Print Olympiad 2024. In this chat with Aditya Ghosalkar, she discusses print, packaging, and life

03 Jul 2024 | By Aditya Ghosalkar

One way print can change the world?
By raising awareness and inspiring action through powerful messages and visuals. Trends show a move towards sustainable printing methods and personalised content to engage audiences effectively.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read recently?
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

What’s your best memory about reading?
A fond memory about the library involves immersing myself in adventure books, feeling as though I embarked on thrilling journeys alongside the characters.

A captivating print media advertisement or campaign?
Cadbury Silk has personalised chocolate wrappers. You can print your photo or a statement on the chocolate bar wrapper, which adds a personalised touch that enhances the product’s appeal.

Any packaging that entices you?
Tetra Pak’s tethered caps. This carton packaging closure innovation addresses three critical sustainability objectives: food safety, food waste reduction, and environmental responsibility. By remaining attached to the carton, tethered caps eliminate the risk of cap contamination and potential food waste, while simultaneously minimising the environmental impact of plastic pollution.

Is the Gen-Z population loyal to brands or do they prefer exploring other alternatives?
The Gen-Z is known for their adventurous spirit and curiosity, which often leads them to explore a variety of brands and alternatives rather than sticking to one.

What’s your take on digital printing?
Digital printing is changing how products are packaged, making personalised designs a hot trend in the retail space. It allows brands to whip up unique packaging for every single product and the personalised touch strikes a chord with consumers who crave one-of-a-kind experiences. 

What accomplishment are you most proud of?
Overcoming personal hurdles, conquering stage fright, and achieving both personal and professional development culminated in the pinnacle of my achievements: being named the top print student of the West Zone.

Would you rather be like Einstein who is good with numbers, or  Shakespeare who is good with words?
I’d rather be like Shakespeare because words have the power to move people and leave a lasting impact.

What would be your dream job?
My dream job would be to work as a sustainability consultant, helping businesses and organisations develop environmentally friendly practices.

One thing that is on your bucket list?
Skydiving is definitely on my bucket list. The thrill of jumping out of a plane and experiencing the rush of freefalling through the sky is an adventure I can’t wait to cross off my list.