The GenNext series: Samridhi S Iyer

They say students are the future of society. And we agree. In this series, PrintWeek introduces some of the students from the premier printing institutes across India who are poised for future leadership. Here’s introducing Samridhi S Iyer.

27 Jan 2023 | By PrintWeek Team

Samridhi S Iyer

Where are you based?

I am a resident of BARC Colony, Mumbai.

Describe your course.

My course at SIES Graduate School of Technology covers all the aspects of product selling. We start with printing and factors related to printing. Then we come to product filling and the factors affecting the packaging of the product. Once the product is ready, we also learn the supply chain and logistics requirements to transport the product. After completing the whole cycle of the product, we study the important aspect of marketing.

What is print’s USP? 

The USP of printing is that a product cannot get the attention of the customer without the aesthetics and printing of the package. Without printing, the customer won’t understand the aspects of the product and it would not be sold because of the lack of communication.

Where do you see the print in the next five years?

I see printing emerging and collaborating with AR and VR technologies to make the product more interesting and appealing to customers.

One webinar you attended that you thought was terrific…

The webinar about the future aspects of the packaging and manufacturing sector that attracted me to investigate more into the future aspects of the field was conducted by our college, and the speaker was one of our alumni —Sanjeev Srinivasan, and his father S Srinivasan.

A print or packaging item you use regularly that impressed you?

I use the Indulekha hair oil which I really like because of its comb-shaped package of the bottle.

A recent comment about print/packaging which is your mantra?

Nowadays, the industry is leading towards sustainability and making things easier for the environment, but my mantra would be to work towards the change for keeping the cost-effectiveness factor alive with the factor of sustainability.

Which is your favourite piece of paper? Why so?

My favourite is gloss coating paper which transforms a product with sleek and appealing aesthetics.

One factory you have visited? What is the first thing you noticed when you walked around in the factory?

I had visited a factory at the time of my industrial visit and my attention was grabbed by the machines and the management of how the conditions and factors are controlled according to the making of the product.

What’s your favourite item of print or packaging?

The food and consumables items in the packaging industry are my interests because there is a lot of scope for experimenting and innovation. My favorite items would be Paper Boat juice and Kinder Joy.

Which is the most innovative packaging that you have come across?

Recently, I got to know that McDonald’s came up with a packaging of its burger which can be converted into a stand to be used by the customers for food.

What is your take on sustainable packaging?

Sustainability should be an important factor to be implemented because it is our responsibility to contribute to Mother Earth in our own way, but there should be methods invented or made so that the cost-effectiveness factor isn’t neglected.

One thing the print/packaging industry should do to convey a solid sustainability message?

The FMCG products should take the step to attach a note to the customers with the product for how to use the product and how the customers could impact the lifecycle of the product. The explanation should be clear to make the consumers understand that they are an important part of the completion of the lifecycle of the product.

Is there a print or packaging legend in the industry you would like to have 60 seconds with?

I am currently a student, so I would love to know more about the people and the experiences of different experts in the industry. But as of now, the greatest resource from whom I have learned a lot and would want to continue my learning process would be my teacher Prasad Balan Iyer. And I would love to know more about the industry regarding the industry through his knowledge and perspective.

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