The GenNext series: Gauri Kakade

They say students are the future of society. And we agree. In this series, PrintWeek introduces some of the students from the premier printing institutes across India who are poised for future leadership. Here’s introducing Gauri Kakade.

01 Feb 2023 | By PrintWeek Team

Where are you based?  
I am Gauri Kakade, a final-year student of PVG’s COET, Pune. I live in Pune.

Describe your course.
I am pursuing a career in printing engineering. The course is of four years, in which we study different types of printing technologies, different types of paper and packaging materials. We also study types of ink and types of design layouts. And with this knowledge, we can deal with upcoming industries.

What is print’s USP?
The print industry is updated with developments and technologies in the world.

Where do you see print in the next five years?
I see the printing industry at its peak in the next five years. With great success in 3D printing and variable data printing, every person is dependent on these things for their every need. Every good, product, and house can be made with 3D printing.

One webinar you attended that you thought was terrific…
It’s not a webinar but an offline seminar on pre-press workflow organised by our institute. The guest lecturer for the seminar was Nilay Patel. He was such a wonderful and motivational personality.

A print or packaging item you use regularly that impressed you?
Packages of all kinds of food products impressed me a lot. From packages of small candy to the package of 5-kg chiwda, there was lots of variety in all brands and their products. Considering the lifespan of foodstuff, protection to the environment as well as to the foodstuff the package is made by industry, which is phenomenal.

A recent comment about print/packaging which is your mantra?
Make an environment-friendly package with less wastage, which is also compatible with the product.

How many print/packaging firms are there in your city?
There are more than 40 print/packaging firms in my city.

One factory you have visited? What is the first thing you noticed when you walked around in the factory?
In Pune, I visited Akruti Printer, which is located in Parvati Industrial Area. The first thing I noticed was the company’s job storage methods and its automatic printing units. With a heavy working schedule, the way it maintains its cleanliness is incredible.

What’s your favourite item of print or packaging?
In the print category, I like invitation cards, and in the packaging category, I love food packaging, especially the Tetra Pak. 

Which is the most innovative packaging that you have come across?
Nowadays, invitation cards are very innovative.

What is your take on sustainable packaging?
Sustainability is important, rather it is required because of today’s harmful environment. I feel sustainable packaging is important to protect our environment and to reduce carbon footprint. We should be grateful to the innovator of sustainable packaging and we should use these in every aspect of our life.

One thing the print/packaging industry should do to convey a solid sustainability message?
First, I think every company should use only sustainable packaging and promote it. Tell people the importance of these packaging methods and request the government to make sustainable packaging compulsory to every industry.

Is there a print or packaging legend in the industry you would like to have 60 seconds with?
I would like to meet the director of Avery Dennison, Suman Majumder.