The GenNext series: Chetana Jade

They say students are the future of society. And we agree. In this series, PrintWeek introduces some of the students from the premier printing institutes across India who are poised for future leadership. Here’s introducing Chetana Jade.

27 Jan 2023 | By PrintWeek Team

Chetana Jade

Where are you based?

I am based in Dombivali East.

Describe your course.

My course at SIES Graduate School of Technology, Nerul focuses on the overall development of students to prepare them for the printing and packaging industry. The curriculum consists of types of printing, such as gravure, offset, and flexo, as well as digital and security printing. The packaging aspect of the course includes material study, designing a product, product-package compatibility, costing and production, and end-user research.

What is print's USP?

Print provides an in-hand experience to the user. Also, the fact that what you see and what you print can differ at times, makes it all the more interesting for the people who are in the industry.

Where do you see the print in the next five years?

The printing industry is one of the growing and developing industries, and it will not face stagnation in the coming years. The print will increasingly team up with digital media, no matter how we evolve our access to online content. People like to hold printed objects in their hands. Tactility is important, and its longevity also contributes to its effectiveness.

One webinar you attended that you thought was terrific.

I got a chance to attend a webinar from Avery Dennison in which the company showcased many things related to pressure-sensitive adhesive labels. It showcased the entire process of label-making right from plate-making to the pasting of labels on the end product line. It was fascinating to watch and get to know about all the equipment in-depth.

A print or packaging item you use regularly that impressed you?

The Cornitos Nacho Chips Cheese & Herbs pack is printed in matt colours and the naming is done with gloss colour which makes the product look attractive. The product has different flavours and it’s identified with different colours.

A recent comment about print/packaging which is your mantra?

Keep it real. Also, ethical packaging.

Which is your favourite piece of paper? Why so?

No such thing as favourite paper. But thermal paper fascinates me. Thermal paper is a special fine paper that is coated with a material formulated to change colour when exposed to heat. It is especially used in billing machines, cash registers, credit card terminals, and so on.

How many print/packaging firms are there in your city?

There are up to 12-14 print and packaging firms, including Plus Paper, Foodpac, Modern Packaging, and Baroda Packaging.

One factory you have visited? What is the first thing you noticed when you walked around in the factory?

As I was part of the Covid batch, we didn’t have much of a chance to visit factories. But recently, we visited Flueron Inks based in Navi Mumbai. The company specialises in the formulation, manufacture, and sale of printing inks for screen, offset, dry offset, UV flexographic, and metal decoration printing. The first thing I noticed was the hygiene and maintenance of the machines used in the factory. Although it was an ink manufacturing company, particular attention was paid to keeping the area clean and yet getting the work done with efficiency.

What’s your favourite item of print and packaging?

The Indulekha Bhringa Hair Oil is a hair oil brand from Hindustan Unilever. It features innovative product packaging to make it easier for people to apply oil to their hair.

Which is the most innovative packaging that you have come across?

ID Fresh is a well-known fresh food brand selling readymade, preservative-free idly, dosa and vada batters, along with other food items. Providing readymade batter is not an easy feat as it is extremely sticky. Maintaining consistency is also crucial. The brand has come up with a solution by designing a transformer pouch with a zip lock and flat bottom that helps users avoid transferring the contents into another household container, and can store it as-is in the fridge. The company has also patented its squeeze-and-fry pack design, where the batter is squeezed through the spout.

What is your take on sustainable packaging?

I think sustainable packaging is an idea which can help us use packaging solutions that have minimal environmental impact and footprint. There are plenty of ways to go green with your packaging, and the right approach depends on your business. Whether you choose to use eco-friendly materials, switch up your vendors, or optimise your supply chain processes, you need to ensure that your initiatives stick. The best way to do that is to do things one step at a time, measure the results, and then, expand from there.

One thing the print/packaging industry should do to convey a solid sustainability message?

Packaging is one of the most visible and pervasive parts of an organisation’s identity. Used correctly, it can help a company tell a sustainability story to connect with the growing number of eco-conscious consumers. The product should be minimal, appealing, informative, versatile, and convenient.

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