The GenNext series: Bhavesh Santosh Bhalme

They say students are the future of society. And we agree. In this series, PrintWeek introduces some of the students from the premier printing institutes across India who are poised for future leadership. Here’s introducing Bhavesh Santosh Bhalme.

01 Feb 2023 | By PrintWeek Team

Bhavesh Santosh Bhalme

Where are you based? Please share your coordinates.

I’m from Chandrapur, Maharashtra. Chandrapur is also known as the Black Gold City because of its super thermal power station, and its vast reserves of coal. I moved out of my hometown to pursue my higher studies at BE, Printing Technology, PVG’s COET, Pune

Describe your print/packaging/media course.

The Printing and Packaging Technology course is a demanding engineering course because of the career prospects it offers. This is a four-year undergraduate degree programme that will help me to become an industry professional in the field of print/packaging/media. In this unique and valuable course, I will get an opportunity to learn about various printing machines and techniques like the gravure, offset, flexo, screen printing process, quality check/control, material science, maintenance of the machine, multi-media advertising and various packaging techniques used in the industry. 

What is print’s USP? 

In today’s consumerist world, we come across a new product almost every day. From online stores to physical ones, products are everywhere. What makes a product unique and worth remembering in the minds of consumers is its packaging. No product on the market comes without packaging and printing as it provides the most important index to its customers. According to me, print’s USP is its premium look and feel. It gives a sense of luxury to the consumers. Packaging makes a lot of difference to a product’s existence and sustainability in the market.  

Where do you see print in the next five years?

In India, the high production of products has led to high demand for printing and packaging technology. In the next five years, it’s going to get even more intense and wide not just on a global scale but also in India. I also believe that consumers will become more conscious and will make eco-friendly buying decisions. Thus, eco-friendly and practical packaging is the future, and we must adapt to it as soon as possible.

One webinar you attended that you thought was terrific…

I was fortunate to attend a webinar recently on cyber security. I found it very insightful as it was relevant to the IT industry.

A print or packaging item you use regularly that impressed you?

Toothpaste is one such item that I use regularly. What impresses me is the creativity of the packaging. The attractive colour, the functionality of the tube, the ingredients mentioned on the back, and also the minimal branding done on the item, for example, Pepsodent. 

A recent comment about print/packaging which is your mantra?

The 2022 mantra is all about ‘functionality’. Consumers might forget the design aesthetics, but they always seem to remember the packaging functionality. 

Which is your favourite piece of paper? Why so?

Recycled paper. Made from reused paper products, recycled paper is perfect for those who are trying to reduce their environmental impact. It can be used for most documents, including reports, memo papers and forms. Also, European papers, because it’s eco-friendly.

How many print/packaging firms are there in your city?

There are many print/packaging firms in my city, including Avery Dennison, Tetra Pak, etc.

One factory you have visited? What is the first thing you noticed when you walked around in the factory?

Perfect Printing and Packaging was the company I visited to work as an intern. The first thing I noticed was that all machines were arranged on the basis of their application, starting with a pre-press department, then an offset machine and just on the side of it, there were the cutting machine, coating machine, and other post-press machines. Floor safety markings were present in all these machines so that no one could directly enter inside the marking, and guiding lines were present to guide which machine is located where and which is the road for automated guided vehicles. Most importantly, the company follows the 5s, that is sort, set in order, shine, standardise and sustain.

What’s your favourite item of print or packaging?

Food and beverage packing

Which is the most innovative packaging that you have come across?

McDonalds’ cup holder is the most innovative packaging I came across as it’s in a circle-shaped strip in which multiple cups can fit. This is the easiest and the best packaging I have seen, where material use is limited. The material used is only paper which leads it to be highly sustainable.

What is your take on sustainable packaging?

The world of packaging is ever-changing. What was unacceptable earlier is very much accepted today. However, with increased consumer consciousness and awareness about sustainable packaging, sustainability has become a key influencer in purchase decisions and we must adapt to it. 

One thing the print/packaging industry should do to convey a solid sustainability message?

Avoid single-use plastic in packaging. 

One trivia (historical/geographical) about print/packaging which no one knows?

Bubble wrap was originally designed to be used as textured wallpaper!

Is there a print or packaging legend in the industry you would like to have 60 seconds with?

Johannes Gutenberg. Gutenberg’s printing press was considered a history-changing invention, making books widely accessible and ushering in an information revolution. I would like to spend some time with him and would like to know his views on the printing press and what motivated him to start the printing revolution in the world.