The Gen Z Mantra: Rima Mondal

Rima Mondal works for Milan Laboratories as a packaging development officer. Mondal tells Mansi Gupta what she likes about print and packaging

15 Feb 2022 | By Mansi Gupta

Rima Mondal

What’s your best childhood memory about reading in a library?
Finding and reading a book which had more pictures than words. The vibrant colors on the page kept me hooked.

If you could time travel, where would you go and why?
I would like to time travel to India’s future where I would witness the revolutionary events that have taken place and find out if I was a part of it.

What accomplishments are you most proud of?
I was awarded the Outstanding Girl Student Scholarship by BMPA during my engineering. Apart from that, I was thrilled about getting my digital illustration printed as a cover for my company’s annual magazine.

Describe your dream visit to a factory?
My dream visit would be to an automated factory where everything is done using technologies like artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

Which is the most innovative packaging that you have come across?
Easy drink PET bottles are one of the simplest, yet, innovative packaging designs I came across. The opening is not in the center and rather at the edge which results in less spillage of water while refilling. Another innovation I am fond of is Naked product range which has no packaging for 35% of their product. They have invented solid products which are formulated with little to no water, so they don’t need any synthetic preservatives, eliminating use any form of packaging.

Would you rather be like Einstein who is good with numbers, or Shakespeare, who is good with words? Why?
I would like to be Shakespeare because being good with words will ultimately result in great content delivery. An idea should not only be good, but should also be conveyed properly.

What’s your best childhood memory?
Visiting my hometown during the summer vacation.

One thing that is on your bucket list?
Exploring places of India in an alphabetical order.

What’s the most interesting thing you have read recently?
An article by James Clear called The Ultimate Productivity Hack Is Saying No. It is about how not doing something is always faster than doing it. If doing something costs more than it is worth, simply saying no will make you more productive.