The Gen-Z Mantra: Nischal Gupta

Nischal Gupta, a product development executive at Unique Sourcing, believes brainstorming is a step-by-step process to solve the package designing problems. He, and his team, won Packathon 2022 and finished as a runner-up in Mondelez’s Design Challenge

23 Jan 2023 | By PrintWeek Team

Nischal Gupta; DOB: 15 June 2000

One way print can change the world?
Print is the very first thing that a consumer notices while purchasing. Thus, inclusion of QR codes, carbon emission and other creative methods are increasing in order to maximise consumer interaction and spread awareness. Print innovations have flourished to date and will continue to flourish as new challenges arise.

Which is your favourite book?
Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. My journey to becoming financially literate began with this book. Anyone who is interested in managing their personal finances in a better way should read this book.

If you could time travel, where would you go and why?
It would be wonderful if I could go back and relive my college days that I missed during the lockdown.

Are Gen-Z loyal to brands or do they prefer exploring other alternatives?
Gen-Z’s are loyal to problem solving solutions irrespective of the brand.

Which is better - a novel or a movie?
Movie is like a trailer and a novel is the actual movie. So there is a huge difference between both of them.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?
Winning Packathon 2022 and finishing as a runner-up in Mondelez’s Design Challenge.

Social media has become the newest way of promoting packaging innovations and learning about the newest trends in packaging. Why?
Undoubtedly social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Instagram have become the best way of promoting new innovations and learning about new things; as it offers a powerful form of marketing and research. One can easily connect with millions of people with the same interests and share their views on a particular topic.

Which is the most innovative packaging that you have come across?
Innovation for me in packaging is being simple, sustainable and problem solving. These problems can be usability, recyclability and functionality. Following are the ideas that I have come across

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read recently?
The book named Attitude Is Everything by Jeff Keller has helped me to enhance my thinking and attitude towards life.

What’s your best childhood memory?
Playing with friends for the whole day out during the summer vacation.

One thing that is on your bucket list
Taking a solo trip across all the states of India.

Which scientist or technologist would you want to travel with on a long flight?
Elon Musk - I would like to know about what it takes to handle such huge companies seamlessly.

What smartphone feature would you actually be excited for a company to implement?
It would be great if AI could identify our thoughts and show personalised results without having to manually feed them.