The 20-somethings valuing experiences

Five young minds from SIES Graduate School of Technology who interned at PrintWeek for the PrintWeek Awards 2019 tell Charmiane Alexander what interested them the most and share their experiences

05 Aug 2020 | By PrintWeek Team

Aditya Birajdar

This was my first exposure to the printing and packaging industry. I got an opportunity to look into and handle the best samples that our industry has to offer while. During Show & Tell, I got an exposure about the industry. I also learned effects such as 3D Fresnel lens effect used by ITC on one of their samples

I got the opportunity to interact with Vinay Mehta from Eemerge and Ashwini Deshpande from Elephant Design. As a jury member, Ms Ashwini shared her thoughts and ideas about the design of the samples and I found that to be a great learning experience.

When it came to samples, the paintings by Dhanvi Rasiklal Shah Arts Company interested me. When I saw them for the first time, I thought it was a painting printed digitally on a canvas. But they were actually done by screen printing. To achieve this level of tone and density throughout the job by placing around 100 screens one above the other without any mis-registration is really commendable.

In this jet age, printing and packaging has become a silent salesman. Packaging is used as a tool for sales and promotion. I believe brand image, consumer satisfaction and package design plays a very important role in the market.

I want to pursue MS in packaging from MSU or RIT. In the coming years ahead, I would want to own a pre-press or package prototyping company.

Anurag Chhajed

I had a good experience. The information shared by the Jury members was enriching.

Learning about the market trends, products and processes shaped our theoretical concepts about things. We could relate our academic knowledge to the samples.

I found the wedding albums by Lustra Print Pack unique. It had a temple made above the wedding card which looked aesthetic .

There are a lot of unique designs available in the market when it comes to packaging. Innovation drives the industry. It keeps you on the thinking edge for new opportunities arising constantly.

If I were to write an autobiography, I would title it – The one who tried something of everything. In the next few years, I would want to see myself as a graphic designer and maybe a businessman someday. Opening my own cafe tops my bucket list.

Pratik Hota

My experience at the PrintWeek was very good. I got to know about the print and packaging market and learnt about the latest machinery and innovations. I am glad I got to network with an alumnus of my college, Margika Mohite on the Jury day. She shared her path and experience after graduation.

With the print and packaging industry evolving rapidly, getting such exposure is really good. I feel that printing and packaging are required for everything so even if the market is down, the jobs aren’t.

I came across many samples on the Jury day which made me realise that the theoretical knowledge is completely different when you see the actual samples. Only after one sees the samples, do they get a proper understanding of the actual theory.

Apart from this, an entry from Eemerge caught my eye. It was printed on a corrugated surface and had three perspectives to a single picture. In the next five years, I would like to see myself working in a company related to printing and packaging or pursuing MBA. Given a chance later, I would also love to open a restaurant.

Yash More

My experience at PrintWeek proved to be a massive learning experience. I got a chance to talk to a number of industry folks, who taught me a lot about the different processes that a sample and about the current industry trends.

The books printed by Manipal Technologies were really good. The hardcover and the finish of the books made me want to pick them all up and take them home. The packaging industry has adapted well by using other forms of packaging materials after the ban of single use plastics. Printing on a variety of substrates has resulted in new and innovative applications catering to a lot of consumer needs.

I find the packaging of OnePlus phones interesting. It has a minimalist design and is compact. If I were to write an autobiography, I would title it – Straight from the freezer. I would choose that name because I maintain a cool head towards almost everything that takes place in my life.

Vaidyanathan Venkitraman

My experience at PrintWeek was amazing. I could see and relate the samples to the subjects that I’m studying right now. I had a few insights with the jury members regarding their view on the samples and found the ITC samples to be very innovative and attractive. I believe that packaging is not just used as a protection but is also used as a selling point. People form an impression of the package within the first seven seconds after they see it and now, I feel a lot of customers are looking forward to modern packaging methods.

If I were to write an autobiography, I would title it – Palakkad Days, since my childhood and most of the interesting parts of my story are attached to a place called Palakkad in Kerala.

Creative thinking has always attracted me and if given the chance, I would like to meet legendary film directors like Martin Scorcese, Quentin Tarantino, Vetrimaran and Christopher Nolan.