Test your Packaging IQ - Packaging World Records – III

Marketing campaigns have always helped to boost the growth in the packaged consumer goods segment.

To run a campaign that indicates the vision and mission of the company, a conceptual packaging, that sets a benchmark for the campaign is crucial. Few companies, who have achieved in creating such packages have managed to create world records.

In this edition of ‘Test your Packaging IQ’, the WhatPackaging? team looks at record-breaking packaging products and some cool campaigns.

08 Mar 2019 | By WhatPackaging? Team

 Q. Who holds the record for the largest display of packaged product?
A. PepsiCo and Lowe's Market arranged nearly 72,000 12-packs of Pepsi, which holds the world record for the largest packaged product.

The record-breaking measurement came in at precisely 472.58 m³ (16,689 ft³). It was arranged by a team requiring 25 hours to set up the display. A total number of 859,140 cans of Pepsi was within the arrangement. The total weight of the packages clocked in at 337,739 kg (744,588 lb).

 Q. Who holds the record for creating the world’s largest figure made of glass bottles? 
A. Coca‑Cola HBC holds the record for creating the world largest figure made of glass bottles. More than 550 employees were involved in placing the 72,933 empty glass bottles weighed 19 tons in total, spread over an area of 250 sqm.

 Q. Who has manufactured the world’s largest pet food container? 
A. The Brazilian branch of multinational French corporation SPF created a package that weighed 563.2 kg (1,241.6 lb) unveiled at Águas de São Pedro, São Paulo, Brazil.
The final receptacle measured 3.015 m x 1.78 m x 0.50 m (9 ft 10 in x 5 ft 10 in x 1 ft 7 in). After the event, all food was then donated to benefit local pets.

 Q. Who has manufactured the world’s largest container of body cream?
A. The world's largest container of body cream, measuring 2 m (6 ft 6.7 in) in diameter, 53 cm (1 ft 8.8 in) high and holding 1,124,490 ml (247.4 gal / 323.476 US gallons) of Nivea Creme, was created by Beiersdorf Hellas and unveiled in Athens, Greece on 15 December 2001. 

The giant cosmetic was created to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Nivea and is 16,327 times larger than the original.

 Q. What is the cost of the most expensive package of tissues?
A. Jyuni Hitoe by Japanese paper and package manufacturer, Daishowa Paper Products, not only contains 12 different colours, but it also costs 10,000 Japanese Yen (USD 90), making it the most expensive box of facial tissues.