Test Your Packaging IQ: Packaging World Records – II

Did you know that Sharp Middle East & Africa (SMEF) created the largest packaged food mosaic?

Measuring 24.7m (81 ft) in length and 38.6m (126 ft) in width, the mosaic was created at Dubai World Trade Centre and consisted of 79,300 packs of food that were put together by 149 employees.

This week’s quiz brings together another edition of fun and trivia about the packaging world records.

19 Feb 2019 | By WhatPackaging? Team

 Q. Who created the largest word out of packaged food? 
A. The largest packaged food word consists of 1,111 items and was achieved by Freefrom Foods International Association (China), in Hong Kong, China.
The event was held to promote gluten-free bread in Hong Kong.

 Q. Who manufactured the world’s largest cereal box?
A. Under the theme - Think Big, Daher International Food first unveiled the world’s Largest cereal box, measuring an enormous 3.22-m (10 ft 6.77 in) in length, 1.26-m (4 ft 1.60 in) in depth and 4.52 m (14 ft 9.95 in) in height.

The giant replica of one of Poppin’s most popular cereals contained 2.7 tons of corn flakes – all of which was donated to various charities and organisations in the region.

 Q. Who holds the record for having manufactured the largest box of pasta?
A. The largest box of pasta measures 1.54 m (5 ft 0.6 in) in height and 1.30 m (4 ft 3.8 in) in width and was created by Barilla Gida in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Italy's Barilla and Turkey's Migros Ticaret supermarket chain teamed up to produce a half-tonne box of penne pasta, which sells for 999 Turkish lira, for charity. 
The boxes will be sold at supermarkets in Istanbul, Edirne and the resort port city of Bodrum

 Q. Which was the world’s largest recyclable egg box/carton mosaic (image)?
A. The largest recyclable egg box mosaic (image) is 456.02 m² (4,908 ft² 80 in²) and it was achieved by Green Tech Cluster Styria (Austria) in Graz, Styria, Austria.
150 people assembled the mosaic which depicts an LED light. The egg boxes were given to a local egg farm after the attempt.

 Q. Who has achieved the most facings on a gatefold vinyl LP?
A.  The most facings on a gatefold vinyl LP is 22 for the packaging that accompanied the album titled Lotus by Santana on the CBS Sony label to commemorate Santana’s Tour of Japan in 1973.