Test your packaging IQ: India’s packaging achievements

In a 2016 report, India was ranked as the world’s fifth-largest packaging industry according to the Packaging Industry Association of India. By 2020, India shall become the largest packaging industry in the world.

India’s achievements in the packaging sector is due to innovation and ingenuity plus global recognition.

This edition of the quiz is filled with fun-facts and trivia related to India.

25 Jan 2019 | By WhatPackaging? Team

 Q.  Who made the worlds’ largest cardboard box pyramid?

 A. The world’s largest cardboard box pyramid consists of 85,853 boxes and was created by Pinak Naik (India) at the Kumar Pacific Mall, Pune, India.

Naik decided to use empty boxes which previously contained LED lights.

 Q.  The ‘Unboxing experience’ is what package designers and packaging converter try to achieve for the customers, they say that unboxing is an exciting journey which includes all parameters of touch, aesthetics, feel and many more. Which company holds the record for gathering the most number of people for this ‘unboxing experience’ simultaneously?

 A. The most people unboxing simultaneously are 559, and it was achieved by OnePlus India (India) at Richardson and Cruddas, Byculla, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, on 1 November 2018.

The event was organised to mark the launch of the new phone by OnePlus called OnePlus 6T.

 Q.  Which is India’s first branded drink?

A. Horlicks, was the first patented brand in the country. It was launched in the last decade of the 1800s.

In the 1940s Hindustan Thomson, now J Walter Thomson (JWT) coined the balanced nourishment concept for it to make Horlicks more relevant in India

 Q.  Who manufactured the world’s heaviest bag of rice?

 A. Exporter of Basmati rice, KRBL showcased a bag of rice weighing 550 kg at the food and hospitality trade show, World Trade Centre, Dubai.

The bag contained India Gate Classic Basmati rice and it was filled by the team at KRBL DMCC’s Al Quoz warehouse.

 Q.  Where is India's only packaging museum that has a collection of packaging antiques located?

 A. The Manjushree Technopack's Packaging Heritage Museum located in Bengaluru is the only packaging museum of its kind in India, which has more than 2000 packaging objects, including various packaging antiques and consumer goods.