Test Your Packaging IQ - How much do you know about regulators

The Indian Government has specified packaging laws and regulations for manufacturers in India.

For instance, the standard packs for biscuits range from 25-g, 50-g, 75-g, 100-g, 150-g, 200-g, 250-g, 300-g and thereafter in multiples of 100-g up to one-kg. A manufacturer is not permitted to make a biscuit pack other than these mentioned sizes.

These laws and regulations have helped strike a balance of goods, avoid confusion and maintain an effective system for packaging.

This edition of Test Your Packaging IQ tests your knowledge about regulatory bodies.

09 May 2019 | By WhatPackaging? Team

 Q.  In which year was the Standards of Weights and Measures Act (SWMA) established?

 A.  1976

 Q.  In which year was the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act introduced?

 A.  1954

 Q.  In which year was the Edible Oil Packaging (Regulation) Order introduced?

 A.  1998

 Q.  When was AGMARK formed?

 A.  The AGMARK Agricultural Produce (Grading and Marking) Act was formed in 1937 and was later amended in 1986.

 Q.  When did the Ecomark marking scheme start?

 A.  The Ecomark marking scheme was started in 1991

Data Source: The Standards of Weight and Measures Act, 1976, The Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954, MP Pollution Control Board 'ECOMARK', Directorate of Marketing and Inspection 'Promotion of Standardisation and Grading of Agricultural and Allied Produce'.