Test your Packaging IQ: Bottling acronyms

In continuation to Test your Packaging IQ’s previous edition on bottled water, the WhatPackaging? team decides to share a few terms that people associated with the printing and packaging industry should be aware of.

22 Jun 2019 | By WhatPackaging? Team & WhatPackaging? Team

The terms in focus will be in the form of acronyms. Flex your brain muscles and also try to find out the science behind these mentions.

 Q.  What does a CT finish mean?

 A. A CT finish stands for a Continuous Thread finish, which is used in a screw closure — a common type of cap for bottles.

 Q.  What does ROPP stand for?

 A. Roll-on Pilfer Proof, a type of screw cap where the thread is formed by pressure against the container.

 Q.  ESCR means?

 A. Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance (ESCR) is a vital phenomenon to measure the vulnerability of plastic bottles to internal and external stresses.

 Q.  When was CRC introduced?

 A. Child-resistant closure was invented in 1967 by Dr Henri Breault.

 Q.  What is SS in plastic bottle manufacturing?

 A. SS or S/S stands for silkscreen decoration in plastic bottle manufacturing.

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