Ten Reasons to Partake in PrintWeek India Awards 2014

PrintWeek India Awards is not just an Awards event, it's a benchmark in celebrating the best in print. And there is more to it. While winning the Awards will put your company under the spotlight, there are benefits of even being in the company of the finalist. Here are 10 reasons why entering in PrintWeek India Awards contest could be the springboard for your print business.

13 Jul 2014 | By Noel D'Cunha

1. Showcase your print: When you send in your entries for PrintWeek India Awards, you show them to a panel of jury members who are your customers. The panel of jury boasts of top management from corporate houses, design specialists from top advertising agencies and print specialists, who seek creativity and functionality in your print jobs.

2. Challenge yourself: Not everyone who enters the PrintWeek India Awards wins. But even if you do not win, what the Awards does is, it gives you an opportunity to challenge yourself. When you decide to take part in the Awards, you start doing new things, develop or bring in new skills, techniques, then implement it. So you see, even if you have not won, you have gained from the experience of doing new things and present it with your clients. Further, winning or even being shortlisted can add that credibility, which can act as a catalyst to your business growth.

3. Shout about your achievement: Use your winning Award on all your marketing tools, your website, and your communications. Use it to as a publicity tool for your business. Drive home the fact that you are the best in your field.

4. Attract and retain talent: Become sought after not just with your customers but also those looking for employment: Manpower is one of the main crunch areas in print business today. That said, many smart ones are looking forward to working not only on the machines with latest technologies, but with the best in business. Likewise, achieving recognition can also have a positive effect on your existing staff morale, acknowledge their contribution and motivate them to better. The prize: another PrintWeek India Award Prism win, next year.


5. Prestige and recognition: An Awards win or even being a shortlisted company will make your suppliers, and competitors take you seriously.

6. Bring the differentiation quotient: When your competitors are scaling up or coming at par with your business setup, flashing awards  for excellence in print, can give you that edge.

7. A chance to look back: What the PrintWeek India Awards does, is it gives you an opportunity to reflect on what you have done in the past one year. Scanning through your print jobs to pick the best print jobs, will give you a chance to reflect on the work you have done in the last 12 months, letting you consider your strengths, and areas where you think you could have used your capabilities better.

8. Snapshots from the jury: At the PrintWeek India Awards Night, witness a fast-paced series of comments by the jury members about their judging experiences and their thoughts about the print samples.

9. Time to connect: The PrintWeek India Awards Night is a gala event where the winners and shortlisted companies are invited as part of the celebration. The Awards night’s entertainment, presentation and dinner are opportunities to cheer the best in print as well as network with other print CEOs, jury members and print professionals.

10. And finally, the prize: A wonderful PrintWeek India Awards Prism to be won, and an applause from the 450+ guest present at the PrintWeek India Night and thousand who read it in the PrintWeek India Magazine in the months to follow.