Technology only helps to achieve an end purpose

Neeraj Sharma, executive director, Vinsak discusses why it is important to decide the USP of the company first and then work backwards to assess and compare capital investments.

23 Sep 2013 | By Supreeth Sudhakaran

How many Labelexpos has your company participated in?
For brand Vinsak this is the debut participation at Labelexpo Europe. Creed, as a distributor has participated in seven editions of the show.  

What will you showcase at the show?
At the show, Vinsak will focus on complete security and track and trace solutions. Keeping this in mind, the company will launch Vinsak LSR330 inspection slitter rewinder.  The machine hasa pneumatic expanding rewind mandrel, independently driven and variable for both speed and tension control. The maximum rewind diameter is 450mm. It also features a pneumatic 76mm unwind mandrel with pneumatic brake tension control that has a maximum unwind diameter of 700mm.

In addition, we will highlight our VIS1200 wide format printing system. The VIS 1200 can print on a variety of different papers, i.e. various offset papers, coated paper, gloss papers etc. The user interface is easy to handle, offers a good overview and with its Windows technology it is truly intuitive.

Why is it important for you to exhibit at Labelexpo Europe 2013?
It is the biggest show in the label industry. The primary aim of launching this technology in Europe is because we want a global exposure for Vinsak.

From an Indian perspective, what should the Indian label manufacturer look forward to at your stand?
The two main reasons are: local products and local services. During these difficult times new solutions add value, and it is important to add value in existing chain of value creation.

What are the factors driving growth of label industry in India? What are the threats?
Increase in retail and higher packaging quality of products are the major drive force between the robust growth numbers of the label industry in India. As far as threats are concerned, one of the biggest threats that the industry is facing is from acquisitions. Large multinational label printing companies are taking over the industry and with the current pace small local companies will get wiped out over time.  

There is great deal of on-going research and development in the label manufacturing sector, so how should a prospective buyer zero-in on a certain technology?
Technology only helps to achieve an end purpose. Hence the label printer has to first choose what products he needs to manufacture and then work backwards to choose the technology will gives him the lowest total cost of ownership. Comparing only capital costs never helps company make money in the long run.

What technologies will play a major role in the near future?
According to me, in the label printing sector, inkjet will surely be the technology to look out for. On the print side, most of the innovations are around the inkjet label printing technology. In labels, most innovations are now developing on the finishing front.

Given the present currency crisis, do you expect business from European and Asian label printers who would be visiting the show?
Yes. Average sales cycle of a technology seen at a show is 1 to 2 years while the currency crisis is shorter term. Also, the crisis is only in India whereas other Asian markets or European markets have not been impacted. 

How would you make things easy for those travelling to Labelexpo Europe with investment intentions? 
Vinsak Finance continues to offer innovative financing options.