Tech gyaan on PUR

PUR is making waves in the Indian book segment. Judging the significance of PUR technology in India, PrintWeek India introduced a new Award category for PUR Book Maker of the Year at the Awards. Hyderabad-based Pragati Offset bagged the Award.

19 Sep 2012 | By Rushikesh Aravkar

The benefits of using PUR for binding books are simple; it provides lay-flat performance even when thicker substrates are used.The other thing is, PUR can adhere to a wide range of substrates except polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP); it is flexible and can sustain temperatures as high as 120oC and as low as -40oC etc.Pragati Offset submitted four PUR bound books that were produced in its in-house PUR binding equipment.

They are Frames Magazine for Bajaj Finserv; Royale Play Catalogue for Asian Paints; Divas of Deccan for Neekamal Publication; and Rachnotsav Events Academy Brochure for Rachnotsav Events.Each of the products sent by Pragati had something unique.

12,000 copies of Frames magazine were printed on a Mitsubishi Diamond 3000 press in four colours with an online aqueous varnish. The cover was matt laminated and foil stamped. “As the magazine had high ink coverage and was an upmarket magazine, we went for PUR binding to give high binding strength,” said the Pragati Offset statement. The magazine was bound using PUR, thereby eliminating the sewing process. This enabled faster turnaround time.
The Royal Play catalogue which was produced for Asian Paints had swatches of Royale Play effects in both regular and metallic versions. In order to reproduce the metallic versions on paper,

Pragati used 12-colours and printed in two passes. It was printed on a Komori Lithrone 640 press. The print-run was 30,000. Given such a high quantity, it was necessary to minimise the number of sheets requiring two passes. Hence, all the metallic sheets were printed together rather than in order required for folding signatures. So, conventional sewing or centre-pinning could not be done. Since the catalogues tend to be handled extensively by multiple customers PUR binding was used to make them robust and withstand heavy usage.

The coffee table book titled Divas of Deccan produced for Neelkamal Publications was PUR bound in order to impart long shelf life. The book was earlier being soft bound but with the advent of PUR binding technology, Pragati Offset decided to take the advantages of the technology to increase the binding strength and eliminate sewing.

According to Pragati Offset, the Rachnotsav Events Academy brochure is an example of book that PUR binding can give best results for. 3,000 copies of the book were printed on Mitsubishi Diamond press. The customer desired thick inner pages and hence perfect binding was the only option. Due to the high calliper of inner pages, there was a possibility that the standard hotmelt would crack while turning the pages. Also, the holes made for sewing would be large due to the high force required to pierce the thick substrate and would cause glue oozing. Even otherwise, the areas between sections would be susceptible to cracking. “PUR gives this product the best possible binding with good strength, high openability and long term durability,” said a Pragati statement.
The cover of this brochure is an eye-catcher, with the foil stamping and embossing.