Taking aim at Pamex 2024 against all odds

Despite the challenges, the Pamex team remained determined to prepare for Pamex 2024 (from 6-9 February at the Bombay Exhibition Center, Goregaon, Mumbai) and achieve their goals confidently. In a recent column, Tushar Dhote, the chairman of Pamex, explains what steps he and his team took

21 Jan 2024 | By Tushar Dhote

After the success of the Pamex 2023 show, the Pamex organising team knew that it would take much work to convince exhibitors to participate again, especially since Drupa was taking place after an 8-year gap. However, the Pamex team had signed up around 60% of the exhibitors during the Pamex 2023 show. To ensure the success of the following printing exhibition in Mumbai, the team adopted the following strategies:

Early planning: We started planning the exhibition as early as possible to ensure ample time for preparations and coordination.

Evaluate feedback:  gathered feedback from participants, visitors, and stakeholders after the previous exhibition to identify areas of improvement and address any concerns. We even travelled to the workshops of previous exhibitors throughout India to get their feedback and look into their concerns, not just to sign them up but to see how we could add value and improve their participation.

Set clear goals:  defined specific goals and objectives for the exhibition, focusing on metrics such as the number of exhibitors, visitor footfall, business generated, and participant satisfaction. We also undertook a lot of backend IT programming to enable real-time analysis and plug-in blocks.

Expand marketing efforts:  developed an extensive marketing plan targeting industry professionals, potential exhibitors, and visitors. We have utilised channels such as social media, industry publications, email marketing, and partnerships for maximum reach. We also asked the association to help gather data and reach more audiences. Instead of doing roadshows like usual, we revisited the exhibitors to gain their confidence. We also spent more on bus poster campaigns using regional language posters to attract more footfall from the West and South.

  1. Enhance participant experience:  We designed an engaging and immersive experience for exhibitors and visitors. We offered interactive showcases, live demos, workshops, and networking opportunities to increase participant engagement.
  2. Collaboration with industry associations:  We collaborated with relevant industry associations, trade bodies, and organisations to gain support and reach a wider audience. These collaborations helped attract key industry players and experts as speakers or exhibitors.
  3. International participation:  We encouraged participation from international exhibitors and visitors to showcase the latest global trends and technologies in the printing industry. We attended and collaborated with international trade and print associations in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Turkey, and the Middle East by participating in their local exhibitions.
  4. Focus on innovation:  We highlighted innovative technologies, products, and solutions in the printing industry. We created a dedicated Innovation Pavilion for the first time, showcasing cutting-edge technologies like 3D printing, automation, digital printing, and packaging solutions. We also held master classes parallel to the pavilion on all four days.
  5. Streamlined operations:  We ensured smooth logistics, venue management, and efficient operations to provide a seamless experience for both exhibitors and visitors. We developed a detailed timeline, considered traffic flow, and optimised space utilisation to maximise the exhibition's impact.
  6. Continuous promotion:  We kept the momentum going by continuously promoting the exhibition through regular updates, press releases, and industry partnerships. We maintained an active presence on social media platforms and engaged with the audience through relevant content and discussions.
  7. By adopting these strategies, the printing exhibition can have a higher chance of replicating the success of Pamex 2023 and putting up another successful show in Mumbai city.

This is the fifth column in Tushar Dhote's weekly series leading up to Pamex 2024. He will discuss what to expect at the show and why it's important to attend.