Suppliers Speak: UV Graphic Technologies

Abhay Datta, director, UV Graphic Technologies, says it is the only supplier in India which uses European power supply components designed and manufactured according to Indian conditions.

“We have an excellent design which our competitors have copied for the looks but not in performance and quality. We are also the only company that can offer plug-n-play which means, the customer can use the same power supply for conventional UV and LED UV,” he says.

18 Apr 2018 | By Rahul Kumar

Going LED
Datta says, LED will be the future of all UV curing systems. “Dentists, orthopaedics and inkjet are already using LED UV safely and successfully. Power saving is substantial and it has virtually zero maintenance costs,” he adds. 
On the concerns about the unavailability of raw material like inks and varnishes for LED UV, Datta says the same was the case with conventional UV inks and chemicals way back in 1990. “But people who believed in the technology have reaped the benefits of their decisions,” he adds.
He also argues that for LED UV systems, inks in all colours, wash-up chemicals and fountain solutions are available in plenty. “White ink is also available without a problem. LED UV inks and coatings are a little more expensive compared to conventional coatings but prices are coming down as the demand increases. We are already selling tonnes of LED UV coatings to large consumers who are happy with the cost and coatings. People who take the bold decision today will recover their cost within months and soon start profiting from the use of LED,” he concludes.
UV Graphic installations 
UV Graphic has over 30 systems installed across various industries, including printing. Some of its printing customers are Ask Advertising, Okhla (two units); Azzure Press, Bhadurgarh (four units); Colorplast, Noida (single unit); Dutta Press, Noida (eight units); Ravindra Arts, Indore (two units); Rational Business Systems, Sonipat (two units) and ATI Inks, Pune (three units).
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