Sukhvinder Singh says: Accomplish the course of life

The Gurgaon-based PrintExpressions which uses HP Latex L25500 has completed the HP Eco-solutions training focused on reducing "environmental impact". PrintExpressions is the winner of the PrintWeek India Small Printer of the Year 2011.

03 Jun 2015 | By Sukhvinder Singh

Sukhvinder Singh the head of PrintExpressions shares his experience.

I am sharing a fresh story what happened last week.
One of our office team members is working on a project and the timelines are very tight. We needed to put some poster in an institution and the design was not yet finalised. We were supposed to finalise on free gifts for the students, which was a last minute thought also, we were trying to close the deal with the company at a special price.
The deal was to be closed. Thus, our project manager, Ragi, called Rohan, the manager of the supplying company. The discussions were positive and Rohan wanted the project manager to go down to their office the next day. The managing director of the company was busy.
When Ragi shared this information with me, I requested her to raise an unreasonable request to meet him on that day. For her, this ‘was not be possible’but she tried. Rohan was sure and had specifically told that the managing director was not available.
As expected, Ragi retuned with a failed attempt. Then, I asked Rohan to put across our request without anticipating the result.
Rohan requested the managing director. We somehow managed to get an appointment. The condition was: Someone would have to reach their office in 30 minutes.

A new experience at work

Now, the challenge was to reach from Gurgaon to Mathura Road in half an hour. Initially it seemed difficult; to most of the team, it was not practically possible. I tried to explore the possibilities. One way out was that one of my managers, Imadri, who was closer to the meeting point, could go and meet Rohan and the managing director and  close the deal.
We gave this a thought. And after discussions with the team, Ragi raised another unreasonable request; this time to Imadri. The request: Can she manage to reach and conduct the meeting in half an hour. 
Coincidentally, Imadri knew a few people in that office and she was familiar with the location, too. 
Imadri agreed to the ‘unreasonable request’ and close the deal.
This seems like magic. It meant, the space was created by the Landmark Graduates and now we had our hands on an excellent deal. 
Not only did we get the special price to buy few Wacom devices, but also got a business offer to sell their products in educational institutions.
Thus, my request to everyone of you: Do not listen to your inner voice. Instead, raise an unreasonable request. The whole universe is there, waiting for your unreasonable request and actions.