Case Study - MR Pack: "We have started our operations in Sitapura"

Jaipur-based family-owned MR Pack has been working on a strategy to support its expansion plans and at the same time invest into equipment to bolster its production.

21 May 2013 | By Rahul Kumar

After months of discussions and several plans landing up in the recycle bin, Jaipur-based MR Pack concluded that to meet its growth targets, it needed to undergo a greenfield expansion and support the processes with best-in class pre-owned equipment. Since the packaging printer’s workforce had been accustomed to Komori presses, it decided to invest in another refurbished six-colour Komori offset printing press with a sheet-size of 28x40 inches with online coater.

“The point was to effectively manage funds so that we would not compromise with our growth plans. Since we cater to the packaging-print industry, it required us to have a press with an ability to print more than four-colour; hence the configuration. And even after investing in the refurbished press, we had funds to purchase a new land at Sitapura Industrial Area,” says Hari Om, owner, MR Pack.

MR is managed by Hari Om and his son Rajiv Tinker, who joined the business two years ago. The printing facility was started in 1978 by Hari Om himself.  “We have three registered companies with the name of Krishna Pack, Sun Shine Printer and MR Pack but for operational ease in the future, we will function under the brand name MR Pack,” he says.

Owing to long-run repeat jobs, the consumption of plates of the exiting unit is around 15 plates per day. The multi-colour printing presses from Komori with size of 25x38 and 19x26-inch, and single-colour Roland and Dominant presses together converts around 70 tonnes of paper and paper board per month.

The existing 2100 sq/ft printing facility is operational 14 hours a day. “With the addition of the new press, the paper and paperboard consumption will surge up to 150 tonnes of  paper. We already started our operations at the Sitapura facility in March of 2012 – and the press came into function recently because of the lack of work in the market,” he adds.

MR’s decision to opt for refurbished machine is not just limited to presses. The packaging company has a refurbished die-cutter from Bobst and liner and paster machines from a German manufacturer. The unit also houses die-punching and lamination machines of Indian make.

Earlier the packaging printing company used to cater to the pharmaceuticals companies in and around Jaipur. However, as several pharma companies moved out of the region owing to increased excise duties levied, MR started to focus on ‘sikka pack’ and started supplying to companies such as Paras, Hardayal, Krishan, Saras and DS Group.

Talking about the ban of gutka packaging, Om feels that instead of a threat, the decision has opened the market for packaging printers like him.

“With the new rule, the companies have started to package gutka and pan masala in different packages. Thus, higher demand of gutkha and pan masala packaging is a good opportunity for us. We believe that there is enough work is in market and with our existing facilities and expertise in the field, we cover northern part of the country and 95% of the market in Rajasthan.”

Speciality Packaging and commercial printing, especially small pouches
Equipments Komori, Roland and Dominant press, Bobst die cutter and lining and pasting machine
Staff 25