Star Product: United Specialty inks - Thermochromix inks

The technology is based on temperature sensitive materials that respond to changes in temperature.

08 Sep 2021 | By Aultrin Vijay

This is a product reveal concept. On rubbing the silhouette, the actual model is revealed

What does it do?
It changes colour with changes in the temperature

What is unique about its embellishment system?
It is a highly consumer engaging product with a wow factor and a recall value for the customer.

Where is it manufactured?
The Taloja MIDC factory at Mumbai.
When was it launched?

What market is it aimed at?
Brand promotion (for example, beer, beverage labels, coffee mugs and paper cups, marketing and engaging product advertising, children focussed games).

Any special usage...
Brand protection (labels, cartons, auto spare parts, cigarettes and tobacco, pesticides, liquor, and pharma).

Does it work only on units of sheetfed presses?
It can work on most processes including offset, UV offset, UV letterpress, UV flexo, UV screen, plus screen and gravure.

Any notable projects...
Popular beer label for showcasing “chilled” beer, authentication of ghee liner carton, and eraser magic kids’ game. Also tax stamps and auto spare part labels.

How does it work on the press?
Offset. Though dry offset is preferred to other processes for better deposition.

Any tweak to the pre-press that is required?
It is normally treated as a special colour or Pantone or fifth colour.

How productive is it?
Very productive as it is a value addition product, which allows for high increase in revenue at slight increase in cost per unit.

Do you have to run the press at slower speeds?
Fairly high per kilo output as a small patch is normally printed so consumption and cost per print is very low (even though per kilo cost is high).

How easy is it to use?
Very easy, as we have formulated products for most of the print processes.

Does one have to make special adjustments to the rollers or blankets?

What’s the USP?
Extremely high value addition and consumer engagement as well as brand recall value.

How do you rank it in terms of the Aha factor?
10/10 if that applies. Oozes of fascinating wow factor and a sure-short recall value.

What are the costs?
Cost depends on the colours, temperatures and quantities, but delivers profitability due to value addition.

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