Star Product: Son N Naykpura - Braille Embossing System

Braille dies are used to emboss Braille on pharmaceutical cartons. Braille emboss gives a pronounced haptic feedback, which gives a visually-challenged person the possibility to "read" by means of touching.

08 Sep 2021 | By Aultrin Vijay

What is unique about its Braille system? 
It is manufactured as per the ECMA and BANA standards. Tailor-made to exact customer specifications, it gives quick and accurate registration between the 'male' and 'female' tool. Our CNC-machined block is designed to produce a high-quality dot. The system is pre-positioned into our cutting dies for single pass die-cut and Braille embossing. It minimises make-ready times for multiple Braille variances. It is available in different dot shapes - dome, conical and flat-top.

What market is it aimed at? 
Die cutting jobs with simultaneous embossing continue to be a growing segment of tooling products.

Describe the technology. 
Technology is as simple as the press machine. All the operations are performed by a high efficiency electric press.

Does it work only on automated die cutting equipment? 
It can work on manual, automatic and cylindrical die-cutting machines.

How does it work while embossing? 
It is just like normal embossing.

Any tweak to the pre-press system to get the best out of the embossed dots? 
Braille text must be laid down as an additional layer in the artwork file. The colour used to represent the Braille text must not be used in any other place in the document. The Braille in the artwork file, print approval file, cutting and creasing tool, and in the finished folding carton must match exactly.

The Braille message must also be reproduced in regular type outside the line of the embossing die. Braille text and dots must be clearly legible in documents supplied to the folding carton producer.

Other segments where it is used. 
We have supplied it to the signage industry. It was also used to make name tags for school bags by a local school for visually-challenged children.

How productive is it? Do you have to run the system at slower speeds?
There is a dedicated machine for this job. It does not affect other production stages.

How easy is it to use?
It is as easy as normal embossing jobs.


  • Optimal embossing of braille dots
  • Works with all types of punching machine
  • Faster make-ready
  •  Short set-up time
  • Customised design
  • Easy to use