Star Product: Ricoh’s InfoPrint 4100 CF press

Introduced few years ago, Ricoh has notched 25 installation of this toner-based kit.

16 Nov 2013 | By Noel D'Cunha

What is the product?
InfoPrint 4100 is a black and white continuous-feed press. “It is one of the fastest CF mono production press available today,” says Anjana Saha, national business and marketing manager for production printing BU at Ricoh India.
When was it launched and what market is it aimed at?
InfoPrint 4100 was launched some years ago, and later introduced in the Indian market. It is aimed at the continuous feed segments to print high impact statements, transpromo/precision marketing, publications, books with halftones and photos.
How many installations in India?
There are 25 InfoPrint 4100 installed across India. Seshasayee, EIH, Repro India are some of the printers with multiple installations of this CF press.
What is the USP of the equipment?
It’s the EPQ – enhanced photographic quality, and the ability to print MICR at ultra-high speeds, says Saha. “The EPQ uses Ricoh’s software enhancement provides uncompromising print quality including an innovative 256-level grayscale simulation of colour objects that enables 4100print jobs without changing applications,” says Saha.
Productivity and profitability?
80% of banking segment jobs are done on the InfoPrint 4100 models, claim Saha. Bank statemens, cheque book printing application, investment documents, insurance policies are some of the tasks that can be carried out on the InfoPrint 4100. “Regardless of the application, the press can give the users a competitive advantage, and can further reduce operational costs with the flexibility of integrated pinfed or pinless printing,”says Saha.

Special features?
The pinfed and pinless printing features enable print job flexibility and full utilisation of the press. “The operators can actually switch back and forth,” says Saha. The other special features include, autoload and autoalign function for fast easy paper threading for both pinfed and pinless operations.
One feature that puts it ahead of the competitors?
One of the best features, is the press’ ability to switch on and off between the use of MICR printing and B&W printing. “I do not think any of our competitors have this kind of facility,” says Saha.
Click charges?
The module is AMC-based. Consumables are charged for separately.
What is the speed of the machine?
The press is capable of production speeds of upto to 2,238ipm throughput in 3-up, 6x9-inch mode and 2,436ipm 3-up A5, “all with superior print quality”, says Saha.
Low, medium or high investment equipment?
Saha says, it’s a high investment equipment.