Star Product: Monotech Systems’ Jetsci Y Series

This Made in India inkjet system is one that can deliver “complete VDP solution.”

14 Nov 2013 | By Noel D'Cunha

What is the product?

Jetsci Y Series, high speed industrial inkjet sys­tem for monochrome variable data printing. JetSci Y Series has three different models depending on the end use, JetSci –YUV, JetSci –YAQ, JetSci-YMCR, which will print variable data on most substrates currently being used in the printing industry.

When was it launched and what market is it aimed at?

The Jetsci was launched in October 2012 and was aimed for all the variable data printing needs. Markets could be label, pharma, packag­ing, commercial, security printing and any mar­ket where customer needs to print the variable data at high speeds, cost effectively.

Does it have a preceding model? If yes, what are the advanced features offered on the new product?

According to Jimit Mittal, DGM for inkjet sys­tems at Monotech, Jetsci is a a new product and hence it does not have a predecessor. “We have added new features and advancements to it since its launch last October.”

What does it do?

Monotech describes the system as a machine that can not only do variable data printing, but one that can be integrated with any web press for online printing and other sheetfed/ offline solutions. “One can offer complete solutions,” says Mittal.

Was the product development/upgrade driven by customer demand?

Monotech claims to have done extensive research in the field of inkjet technology and have collected customer’s feedback and require­ments, while developing the product. “We have also utilised our expertise on handling various printhead technologies for many years.”

What is the USP of the equipment?

“It’s innovative, productive, flexible, affordable and profitable,” says Mittal, adding, “we have scaled up the customers’ expectations through our Y Series.”

How productive is it?

It can print at the speeds of up to 220 m/min giv­ing the throughput of 44,000 A4sph at lower resolutions of 600x150dpi and 75m/min (15,000sph at 600x600dpi), 150m/min (30,000sph at 600x300dpi). Monotech also offers a stitched printhead configuration options for a “wider print area”.

Does it have a workflow option? If yes, can you explain how does it work?

Any third-party workflow can be integrated with the system. But Mittal says that Monotech had added a VDP software layout where customers can generate/design easy to complex jobs in real time and print them. “It’s very interactive and easy to use.”

One feature that puts it ahead in the game?

According to Mittal, it’s high quality printing at very high speeds at low capital and running costs, puts it ahead of its competitors.

Low, medium or high investment equipment?

It’s a low-to-medium investment, says Mittal.

The approximate cost of the equipment?

USD 50,000 for single printhead (108mm) con­figuration.