Star Product: Kodak InSite Prepress Portal

Kodak's online job submission and job approval system, InSite Prepress Portal provides fast, secure and easy-to-use web access to the pre-press workflow, reports Noel D'cunha

16 Nov 2013 | By Rushikesh Aravkar

The Portal was launched in 2008 and Kodak has been regularly adding new features to it such that it fits all the market segments of printing. For example, the first launched version was the 5.0 and the latest running is the version 6.6.
Kodak has added features such as improved web security, HTML5 uploader for better and faster uploads and job tracking with InSite iPad App. “Rathar than saying that the product development was driven by customer demand, I would say that the popularity of the system demands to incorporate new features and bring out new improved version continually, based on the feedback from the users,” said Ramani Viswanathan, vice president for sales, digital printing solutions, commercial imaging at Kodak India.
Integration with workflow
InSite is an online job submission and job approval system, which seamlessly integrates with Kodak’s Prinergy Workflow system. It streamlines job submission, job-status tracking, online collaboration, and remote content proofing and approval, automatically notifying both client and printer when a proof has been passed. “With this system one can provide fast, secure, easy-to-use web access to your prepress workflow,” says Viswanathan.
Though the system works with Kodak Prinergy Connect, it is also open for third party workflow and even standalones. “But the benefit of integration and automation is at a very high level when integrated with the Kodak Prinergy Workflow,” says Viswanathan.
Benefits to customers
According to Viswanathan, the Insite offers several benefits and stand out features are many, which include replacing FTP sites and email attachments with a solution that is easier for the user and their customers, which is further integrated into the workflow. It reduces turnaround times and costs with real-time access and collaboration with brand owners; provides selected stakeholders with full job visibility into multiple manufacturing locations and captures customer changes and approvals for more accurate job referencing and billing. “For a medium size investment, these are huge benefits,” concludes Viswanathan.