Star product: Daya Nano 2SM

Sheth Printograph’s Daya Nano 2SM is a thermal lamination machine, which is capable of embossing textures and designs on both sides inline after the lamination of the sheets.

17 Nov 2013 | By PrintWeek India

It a dual purpose machine. Sonal Sheth of Sheth Printograph says, “You may only laminate, or laminate and then do inline embossing or simply do embossing. Thus, one does not have to invest in two separate machines.”
Launched at Pamex 2013, the machine is aimed at digital photographic industry to enable the users to get extra finish to the prints. The advance feature includes inline double side embossing machine to give similar effect of matt photographic paper with an added advantage of thermal lamination on both sides.
The machine is equipped with design rollers which embosses variety of textures on the laminated sheets. According to Sheth, the changeover of the rollers is a simple and instantaneous task. “Also, as the embossing is done immediately after lamination when the film is still warm, the design is not distorted and a detailed impression of texture is acheieved,” said Sheth.
The Nano 2SM is an upgraded version of existing Nano 2S, which is already being used in the digital colour labs in India. “With the feedback of our existing customer, we have developed the inline double-side embossing machine, which can achieve matt photographic paper effect as well as thermal lamination on both sides,” said Sheth.
The machine will also be displayed at the Photo Fair in Mumbai in January 2014