Star Product: Cut CNC from AGS

This sample maker eliminates manual work and helps printers to respond to the print buyer in quick time.

15 Nov 2013 | By Noel D'Cunha

Advanced Graphic Systems, colour matching systems specialist, has joined hand with makers of flatbed sample cutting machines, Cut CNC.
Cut CNC is designed for the packaging, digital and flatbed printing market and is available in three different series - SCE Series, DCP series and DCP-H series. “This is a new tie-up, which we are announcing at Pamex 2013,” said Vishnu Kamat, associate vice president sales at AGS.
According to Kamat the model is popular worldwide and is a new generation machine. “The machine will be helpful to customers wanting to make customised samples for their designs, which can be sent to the buyers for approval,” he said. “It can draw, cut, crease, half-cut, whole-cut and dot lines, thus eliminating all manual wWith converting and package production turning on the heat, sample-making devices and tables offers print service providers the advantage of creating samples that is driven by their costumers’ preference. “There is a huge demand for these kinds of products as this is an important equipment in the packaging market,” says Kamat.
Among of things it can do, is cut any kind of materials like corrugated, flute board, coroplast, PVC, foam boards, gasket, sunboards, leather, offset blanket, grey card, cardboard, EPE, EVA, rubber. “With some additional routers, it can also cut materials like Acrylics, aluminium boards, MDF, etc.,” says Kamat.
Since it is not a production type of machine, it is meant for small runs, which help printers to respond to the buyer much faster. “The machine will do it automatically, eliminating manual work of making boxes,” says Kamat.
In terms of specifications, Kamat say, it’s more or less the same as other competing products in the market, but at a much lower price. “Depending on which model the customer chooses to buy, the starting range could be as low as Rs 9-lakhs,” said Kamat.