Star Product: Cosmo’s Direct Thermal Printable Top Coated Label Films

The direct thermal label films comprise a proprietary coating that enables an image or impression formation upon contact with the printhead of a thermal printer.

08 Sep 2021 | By Aultrin Vijay

Application segments.
It can be used for information labelling, weight and price labelling, manufacturing tracking, inventory tracking, and frozen food labelling, among a range of other applications.

What is unique about it?
A special layer helps the films to provide good scuff and water resistance that protects the top coated surface from mechanical abrasion, climatic factors, and chemical reactions. The films offer sharp, dark image production and benefit high-speed label printing applications. The films also offer a paper type matte finish due to its high opacity. 

Where is it manufactured?
At the Cosmo Films plant in Waluj, Aurangabad.

Describe the technology?
The thermal coating is designed for colour change (white to black) on the application of heat during printing. The coating also allows customers to print faster with high print density.

What equipment does it work on?
It works on direct thermal printers manufactured by OEMs such as Zebra, Sato ITW among others.

When was it launched?
It was relaunched in 2021. It was earlier launched in 2017.

What’s the USP?
The films are designed to withstand chemical substances such as alcoholic solvents. Hence, the films are ideal for the label production of medical products. The films also favour printing with UV and water-based flexo inks. 

How do you rank it in terms of the ‘aha’ factor?
It is one of the top three Cosmo Films products in the export market. 

How productive is it? Do you have to run the system at slower speeds?
Cosmo’s internal coating application experts have designed this product for high-speed high-density applications. The films can be printed at a speed of up to 250 mm/sec. 

How easy is it to use?
Anyone can print direct thermal labels. Just load the labelstock and print. No specific maintenance, troubleshooting or equipment required.

What are the costs?
Direct thermal printing is cost-effective, with a comparable cost of ownership to thermal transfer.

Specifications of the product
The films are available from 60-95 microns. 

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