Stall of the Day: PaperSmiths

PaperSmiths at Hall 14 Stall K103 used packaging boxes made of fluorescent coloured paper to make its presence felt. The stall also featured an wooden frame reminiscent of wooden cartons, plus bright green covering on the wall and on the floor. In all, the stall was a study in contrast and a display of minimalist showcase.

03 Feb 2019 | By Sujith Ail

PaperSmiths deals with speciality and technical grade paper, including Pristine high print paper, Renovo recycled substrates, Aurum metallic substrates, and Boxes for packaging applications. The company has completed 3,790 projects in eight locations and has around 850 clients. PR Packagings, Almats, Lustra, and Pragati are some of its prime clients.