Srinivasa Reddy: The ascent of a man with a CMYK heart

D Nagarjuna tells the notable story of a man who set on his print yatra as a student in India to sailing overseas and employing 350 people at his three firms in Uganda

20 Apr 2023 | By D Nagarjuna

Srinivasa Reddy, CEO and managing director of three firms in Uganda

In 1985, a young Srinivasa Reddy had joined the Government Institute of Printing Technology, Secunderabad (now in Telangana) to pursue a diploma course. The demand for the course was quite high in those years. Owing to this, the job opportunities were in abundance and waiting for him when he completed college in 1988.

The college is reputed for its alumni and includes 500 or more past students working in the State and Central Government jobs which include currency printing presses across India. Nearly 300 of the past students are working overseas in the Middle East, US, Africa, Australia, Europe, Malaysia and Singapore.

Reddy joined a private security printing press KL Hi Tech where he could clearly differentiate between what he had learnt in the institute and what he experienced while on the job in the industry. This was 34 years ago. Greener pastures awaited his accomplished knowledge in printing and he got a job in Nicosia, capital of Cyprus. From Cyprus, there was no looking back for Reddy.

He proceeded to Bahrain where he worked for a year before he moved to Kampala, Uganda.

A new home
Moving to Uganda turned out to be a landmark moment in his journey, for it is here that he planted his new roots. Reddy got a job and life was conducive enough for him to settle there permanently. Yet, he used to visit India so as to not “forget the roots while enjoying the fruits” as he puts it. Reddy feels that the climate in Uganda is one of the best in the world and doesn’t get battered by extreme temperatures. It remains pleasant all through the year, he says, and probably why he took such a strong liking to the place.

Today, backed by 33 years of experience, 52-year old Reddy is a CEO and MD of the three firms in Uganda which have provided services to 350 people of Uganda. All the three firms are related to printing and allied industries. In return, Uganda has welcomed Reddy with open arms and as one of its own.

Reddy and his family defied the notion of Uganda being a least developed country. Reddy considers it his small and humble contribution to making Uganda one of the most sought places in the African continent in terms of investments in agriculture, industry and other forms of business.

Besides being one of the top 100 taxpayers in Uganda, Reddy fulfills CSR activities through various donations, one of them being to Covid-19 National Task Force.

A man on an adventure
A very affable person, Reddy has an adventurous yearning to his life. He climbed the highest Wagagai peak in Mount Elgon in Uganda which is 4321 metres above sea level. Mount Elgon is one of the largest volcanic bases in Africa, located on the Uganda-Kenya border. It is also the oldest and largest Mount Elgon’s solitary, volcanic feature in East Africa.

Speaking about the adventurous approach to life, Reddy ascertains that there is no substitute for hard work. He also acknowledges the new need of people who could not only work hard but also be smart. He strongly feels that, like in his life, “the adventure of printing technology will last forever as long as packaging is there. Printing will take a 360 degree turn and regain its lost glory.”


Reddy (r) during a donation drive


Reddy (r) with Prime Minister of Uganda



Srinivas Reddy - at a glance
The three business divisions of Srinivas Reddy supplies to the printing industry like printing equipment, paper and boards, consumables, inks and digital printing substrates from some of the world’s leading brands.

Office supply products like manufacturing high quality peel and seal envelopes and packets and other stationery products and Scholastic materials like manufacturing Classic brand of exercise books, counter books and notebooks.

About the author: D Nagarjuna is a retired HOD, Government Institute of Printing Technology, Government of Telangana, former assistant director, Lok Sabha, former Principal, Institute of Printing, University of West Indies, and presently working as assistant professor, St Joseph’s Degree and PG College, Hyderabad. He is also a blogger on