Srikanth Reddy: R&D is a key distinguishing factor

Srikanth Reddy, a student of DOT Institute of Graphic Communications in Mumbai shares his views with the PrintWeek India team.

17 Apr 2019 | By PrintWeek India

The print industry urgently needs new approaches. One suggestion you have about what is needed next?
To get a competitive edge, one needs to invest in R&D in order to search for new platforms and start new trends. 

Is there a limit to the technological “fixes”. Should machine manufacturers have a broader approach?
Earlier, we used films and now we use a much sturdier variation of films, which are plates. There should be a break-even in innovations and technological fixes to reap more than just an output.

A packaging or printing or OOH launch which made you go, WOW!
A project on rainwater harvesting in Hyderabad, which consisted of a live 3D water effect on outdoor hoardings.

One packaging-print blunder you spotted in 2019?
I saw one blunder in a pharmaceutical job where one side of the paper was coated while the other side was the normal uncoated surface. Unfortunately, the printing was rendered on the “back-side” rather than on the coated side. Such, mistakes should not be done in the pharmaceutical industry as health concerns are directly involved.

A software trick or a tech app everyone in our industry should know about
CorelDraw has many inbuilt features which are not used by many of the designers. These features can save a lot of time and energy if used appropriately.

A print or packaging factory you visited which blew your brain! Why so?
Dhote Offset Technokrafts. They have a wonderful employee environment, organised job workflow, and the ability to adapt to technological changes.

One book about print or packaging that you have read which is a must read according to you.
Total Quality Management by SK Bhat. This book has all the required quality measures and statistical approaches which can benefit any service or manufacturing industry.