Spotted: The most innovative package designs in India’s beauty and personal care category

Using Mintel Global New Products Database, Tanya Rajani, beauty and personal care analyst at Mintel, highlights India’s recent beauty and personal care launches that feature innovative packaging formats

09 Jan 2021 | By WhatPackaging? Team

A: Wow Skin Science Lift & Firm Aloe Vera Gel
This product is described as a hydrating and firming gel that helps tone and lift sagging cheeks, jaw and neck. The primary packaging comes in a plastic tube, with a screw-thread cap. The product comes attached with double rollers, which is said to help tone, firm and lift skin, leaving it with a youthful appearance, deep hydration, reduced fine lines, improved texture and firmness. 

B: Kiko Green Me Edition 2020
This product is described as a hydrating gel with aloe vera suitable even for sensitive skin. The product retails in a 15ml plastic tube made of 30% post-consumer recycled materials, whereas the secondary pack is made of eco-friendly paper with organic citrus fruit residue, and 100% green energy. 

C: Merlion Naturals Activated Charcoal Powder
This product is described as a fine black powder made from coconut shells and is activated by processing it at very high temperatures. Featuring a porous texture, the formula has a negative electrical charge which attracts positively charged molecules such as toxins and gases. According to the manufacturer, this powder is useful for many DIY applications including face packs, haircare packs or teeth whitening. The product retails in a multilaminate stand-up pouch and is said to be a food-grade consumer pack. 

D: Earth Rhythm Curry Leaf & Fenugreek Hair Food
This product is designed to provide intensive hair and scalp therapy, treating hair thinning, itchy scalp, dandruff, hair fall and premature greying. The rinse-off product contains 100% natural ingredients, is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. The product retails in a two-piece aluminium bottle that is recyclable and reusable and claims to provide zero-waste.

E: Prakrta Vita Mum E Vitamin E-Belly Butter
This product is described as a 100% pure and natural, handmade, unprocessed, eco-friendly belly rub butter for mothers and mother to be. The primary pack of the product retails in an 85gm glass jar, with a press-in cork stopper. It is said to be an eco-friendly and recyclable pack, which is non-reactive to sun or heat and does not leach chemicals. The secondary pack is made of whiteboard lined carton and both the primary and secondary pack features a flexo printed self-adhesive labels.

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