Sivakasi institute hosts Prabakar talk about innovative packaging

The Department of Printing Technology, Arasan Ganesan Polytechnic College in Sivakasi along with the Students Service Cell, organised a talk on innovative packaging designs by R Prabakar on 21 July. Prabakar is an alumnus (2006 batch) from the Department of Printing Technology in the same college.

08 Aug 2023 | By Aditya Ghosalkar

Prabakar is an award winning technologist; the India Book of Records has handed over nine awards to him

Award winner R Prabakar's talk was an eye opener for students. Prabakar started his career as production in-charge at Hitech Universal Printers & Publishers in Coimbatore. During this time he showed a keen interest in packaging and as a result he learnt a lot on the field. 

Prabakar shared with students about how he managed to achieve nine world records like the Asian Book of Records, Indian Book of Records and International Kalams Golden Awards in the packaging industry. He said it was his effort and dedication which made him achieve those heights.

He pointed out that carton box production and corrugated packaging products are one of the most important things in today’s marketplace. He said, "Manufacturers and creators are very careful to make any product look good and give safety methods to their customers." In such a situation, the concept of how to fit "the tiniest object into a cardboard box in a way that suits the objects perfectly" has made him a miniature cardboard designer.

Dr M Nandakumar, the principal of Arasan Ganesan Polytechnic College presided over the function and while addressing the gathering, he pointed out that printing technology is evolving. 3D Printing Technology strategy is deployed in other industries but its application in the printing industry is not as expected. Now in printed electronics, 3D printing is being used in print industries. Principal asked the students to research 3D print applications in the industry.

Dr Nandakumar congratulated R Prabakar, an alumnus of Printing Technology Department. Prabakar on receiving the International Kalams Golden Award 2023 for the Best Miniature Paper Artist of 2023. He also said that every student should become an achiever like him. Dr Nandkumar said, "When Prabakar can do it you can also do it, it all requires the will and wish packed with hard work and persistence.

Dr Nandakumar, said, it has been proposed to have a R&D wing for packaging and design in the print department. He said it will "encourage and motivate printing students to involve creating innovative package designs." The R&D will focus on basic packaging design concepts for the second year and third year printing technology students to understand to create a normal package design.

He added, "Further innovative designs from the students will be invited to fulfill the need of the hour. The R&D will focus on creating the miniature of packaging designs to assess and bring out the skills of the students. It is also proposed to conduct packaging design competitions for the students and appreciate them by providing certificates and prizes.

The staff members and students of Printing Technology Department participated in the function. M Pugazh, academic officer gave the welcome speech. A Paramasivam, HOD In-charge, Department of Printing Technology the proposed vote of thanks.