The simple art of print perfection

PrintWeek India goes behind the scenes of Anderson Printing House that has set high standards and discovers that the secret of its success has been made possible due to solutions from Kodak

09 Jun 2010 | By Noel D'Cunha

The Kolkata-based Anderson, equipped  with a Prinergy and a Trendsetter 800 III Quantum aim to bolster the commercial print segment in East India. N K Kajaria of Anderson Printing House speaks to Noel D'cunha of PrintWeek India.

Why did you invest in Prinergy?
We invested in the Kodak Prinergy workflow system in order to produce more plates to cater to our increased requirements. Also, we were keen to integrate our MIS, the web interface with our client and our entire production workflow.

What does it include?
It includes the Prinergy Connect system, InSite pre-press portal (IPP), InSite Storefront which is integrated with our  Kodak Trendsetter 800 III Quantum (F speed) CTP.

What about the automated production process?
When fully functional it will automate the print production process. What is nice is, it is a completely JDF based workflow from management and printing to despatch. The Kodak IPP system provides secure web access into our workflow. From any web- connected computer; customers, pre-press operators, and service representatives can submit jobs, track progress, collaborate on changes, proof and approve work.

What do you use it for?
Prinergy workflow system helps in job submission via the pre-press portal system that triggers automated pre-flight and pre-press file processing. It reduces job cycle time and proofing costs, allowing us to work with customers in any part of the world.

What is the advantage of the IPP system?
The IPP system is easy to use and carries Anderson's branding. It requires no special hardware or software at the customer's site, just a secure user id and password as issued by the administrator. It alerts customers to problems, so corrected pages can be quickly uploaded. Its database tracks all activities including change requests, approvals or rejections. Automatic notification of these activities can be sent to designated individuals via email. Being able to track activities - what, when, and by whom is the key to reducing errors, speeding up job cycle time, and recovering costs.

What about proofing?
The Kodak Smart Review Proofing client allows stakeholders to proof files online, individually or in group sessions using a web chart. It uses pixel-streaming technology so even large files can be accessed via the internet. The Smart Review works from the full - high-resolution production file, allowing to zoom in on the image. Additional tools allow us to plan, measure sizes, check colour separations, and annotate any requested changes.

Does the Smart Review use the PDF digital master produced by the Prinergy system?

Yes. Also, the IPP system and Prinergy software use the same file, changes are almost never lost, and updates are immediately accepted into the workflow. Also, the Insite creative workflow system provides proofing, approval, and collaboration tools to help manage the entire content creation cycle.

What about archiving?
The InSite Asset Library integrates with the creative workflow system. It effectively manages and stores digital assets used in projects, including photographs, illustrations, editorial contents, and job specifications. The digital asset management system provides an enhanced open pre-press interface workflow when used in conjunction with the Prinergy system.

What was the learning curve?
Since we were working with this idea for more than two years, it did not take us much time to adopt the technology and learning curve.

How does the Prinergy integrate with third parties running at your production site?
Presently, Prinergy is integrated with the Shuttleworth MIS system working at our site and a Heidelberg printing press.

How's the sales and service from Kodak?
Its improving. Once software is fully implemented, their service should increase tremendously.

What are the challenges in East India?
East India is no different from rest of the country. The challenge is to continuously keep up to the increasing client demand for quality and speed. I feel there is a dire need for multi-colour printing in the industry and customers are demanding higher quality, higher speed at lower cost.