Shyamala V: Passion for profession is mandatory

Shyamala Viswanathan says having a passion for the career is mandatory, which acts as life support and identity during a crisis

26 May 2021 | By PrintWeek Team

Shyamala Viswanathan, ‎assistant manager quality control- HOD, Eenadu Press

A practice to make working wonderful for women
Discontinuing career is seen more with women employees. So, organisations must take steps to retain their women employee. One of the best steps is to recruit employees with an equal ratio of women and men. As per a Harvard study, handling the cost of disengagement is a challenge to an organisation. By including few benefits like flexible timing, and support in need will satisfy the women employees.

If you were to start again
I would have concentrated more on packaging. Though these are closely related fields, to switch from one to another after certain years of experience is a little challenging.

Most difficult moment for you
When I started my career, the challenge was to adapt to the company’s culture. Fortunately, I had many who supported my career growth. After every situation, I felt that I have learnt and gained experience to handle much complicated issues for future.

One mantra for every new woman employee
Having a passion for the career is mandatory, which acts as life support and identity during a crisis. Many would have realized that during the pandemic. So, before we choose to drop out our career, we need to think twice.

Brands that use print-packaging the best 


iD Fresh Food products use print/package in the best way, because of its user-friendly package, cool colours, and design of the package. The recently launched iD Smart Sip Tender coconut is an inspiring sustainable packaging design. Another inspiring packaging is Good Hair Day Pasta. The kind of package and print they use stands out in the shelves of the supermarket.