Sethunath Padmanabhan: Coatings will replace lamination

Sethunath Padmanabhan, managing director - Asia Pacific of Reproflex 3 speaks to PrintWeek India about print and beyond

18 Jul 2019 | By PrintWeek India

Sethunath Padmanabhan, managing director - Asia Pacific

Q: What is your idea of packaging in India in 2030?
A: The industry will find solution for food wastage, agricultural sector turn around with minimal carbon foot print.

Q: Reproflex 3 is a global ops. What is your USP? 
A: Making flexo admirable to brand owners and building a successful business model for converters.  

Q: One technology which we should watch out for? 
A: Project Blue is more than 350 LPI printing. It ensures a smooth transition from gravure to flexo and helps converters decide print medium.

Q: The trickiest project that you have had to execute?
A: Milky way Magic Stars – an eight-colour gravure job with established brand colours, critical imagery and smooth vignette. This got converted to a CMYK + white flexo – printed in 350 LPI special screening. 

Q: What is the one thing about specialisation in flexography which no one knows?
A: Flexo is printing at 350 LPI - successfully, commercially and globally.

Q: What is your most ‘wow’ moment with flexo?
A: Multiple variants, small quantity, converted to four-colour flexo to help our clients make a great business case.

Q: Plan for India?
A: We are here! Official launch in the next few months.

Q: One thing Reproflex 3 ops in India does well?
A: Pre-press – Output is only as good as the input. We are building the best team for flexo pre-press in India. 

Q: You have adorned many tech hats. What do you prefer? And why? 
A: While I am partial to flexo at the moment, we will be closely following digital print and connectivity in packaging for the future.

Q: One innovation blunder you made – and learnt a lot from? 
A: Choose the right partner, align your business objective with theirs. Some wrong partnership calls had pushed our project timelines back.  

Q: If you were to die and come back as a printing process or software or ink or substrate, what would it be?
A: I’d like to be a sustainability calculator, where clients can fill in their needs and suggest the best material, design, and process with a minimal carbon footprint.

Q: One below ten lakh investment which you thought was ‘sasta and kifayati’?
A: While we’re yet to invest in India, Modo Creative 3D modelling software is found to be our choice among its peers. 

Q: One reason why India is not a speciality flexo destination in the world?
A: Gravure is efficient than any other print process. Also, not many are aware of the merits of flexo, which needs to be improved.

Q: What is your favourite Make in India print brand?
A: Pragati, Parksons, Parakh Agro, to name a few.  I believe the best brand names start with ‘P’, including PrintWeek India.

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