The Screen Print Man: SWOT analysis of industrial screen printing

Production application like stickers and labels occupy a distinctive place when it comes to branding of a product. Sans some of these the final product or equipment cannot be rolled out of the factory (e.g, switches, electronics, electrical goods, etc). They have the potential to increase the worth of the product by many folds in the eyes of the buyer. Most of the time it must meet extremely critical test procedures so as to be accepted.

18 Mar 2016 | By Shripad Bhat

I feel the Indian industrial screen printers can match global standards in terms of quality and service. They have and are adopting new technology and using materials of international standard.  Another strength is the talented / skilled manpower in India. Compared to the earlier times, they can learn technology and knowledge/skills faster than many other countries. I feel the global market has understood this aspect very well.
I strongly feel there is still scope for improvement in quality standards so that they can stand as the best in the world. There is also a need for constantly upgrading the technology, a continual process.
Lot of orders are now flowing into the Indian market besides domestic requirement for industrial labels and stickers which signifies that there is a huge growth prospect in industrial screen printing. That there is also relative growth in industrial activity (broadly speaking engineering, telecommunication, electronics, electrical, garment etc). All these industries require at least one or multiple screen printed products such as logos, dome labels, stickers and labels, metal labels etc.
For industrial screen printers, I think digital revolution is a threat because some of the jobs can be printed on digital inkjet press. Moreover, screen printing is all about technology (machinery and materials) plus skill (techniques, idea, knowledge) which may not be the case with digital and that is the threat. It is always good to have all related technology inhouse to offer best print solutions to print buyers.
Today technology (machine, equipment and raw materials) is not a problem. However, there is shortage of skilled manpower. But somehow we have to take this issue in our stride because there are some solutions to it.