Sachin and Sanjeev's Helpline: To print stationery on linear or flute textured paper

Sachin Shardul, technical editor and Sanjeev Govekar, production manager of PrintWeek India, track down simple solutions to your technical troubles.

14 Mar 2014 | By PrintWeek India

I, Sadique Lakdawala, would like to know that the letterhead or any stationery printed on linear or flute textured paper; should have printing - parallel to lines or across the lines?

There is no rule to print parallel to the lines or across the lines but 95 percent of the printers print linear or flute textured paper across the lines. The reason is if the text is printed parallel to the lines then there are chances that the text matter may get cut and become unreadable. It is ok to print the solid or halftone images parallel to the lines.

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