Sachin and Sanjeev's Helpline

Sachin Shardul, technical editor and Sanjeev Govekar, production manager of PrintWeek India, track down simple solutions to your technical troubles.

14 Jan 2014 | By PrintWeek India

What is textile printing, and who are the key printers?
Since the good old days, ‘silk’ screen printing has transformed itself. Screen printing has its own advantages – versatility, suppleness, wide range of applications, brightness and solidity of colours for outdoor applications, possibilities of special effects in graphic and textile; and wide range of presses available for different applications. It also provides a possibility of combination printing with other imaging and printing processes like offset, digital, etc. Today, Casual Clothing Company, Mohanaa Screen Printer, Om Designs, are some textile screen print firms. PrintWeek India can share the contact details if desired.

Whenever I pick up a magazine, I like it for the super whiteness effect. But at times, this whiteness glosses over the readability of the text. I am not happy with UPM or Ballarpur. Can you suggest an alternative?
The alternative paper can be from SAAPI or Stora Enso matt. You can also opt for UPM Finnesse matt which is used to print PrintWeek. Also there’s Emote+ from Kyoorius which is one of the Star Products 2013.

Is it possible to do foiling on shrink sleeves?
Label converters have been interested in adding metallic foil to the graphic designs on shrink sleeves. It is possible to do foiling on shrink sleeves. Hot stamping foil doesn’t work because the metal layer will crack when the film sleeve goes through the shrinking process. The ideal technology for foiling on shrink sleeves is cold foiling. The thin metal layer in cold foil will contract to a degree, while maintaining visual integrity because no heat is used during application. With the use of an appropriate UV adhesive, the foiling process on shrink sleeves is achievable, and the results are attractive. The design is the key. Please avoid sharp bends and curves, while keeping the foiled graphics in the flatter areas.