Review: Komori Lithrone A37

Komori has recently launched the LA37 Press with print size of 25x37inch, which is suitable for Indian printers.

25 Feb 2013 | By Rahul Kumar

When was the product launched?
Komori Lithrone A37 was showcased in Drupa 2012, first time.

Who is it targeted at?
All commercial and book printers. A 25x37 inch press can save up to 2.5 lakh per month for a printer compared to a 40 inch press. It can be used for commercial as well as packaging applications as it can take from 0.04mm to 0.6mm paper thickness. It has the double diameter cylinder design.  

What are the available compositions?
It is available in two, four and five colour models. In future, Komori is going to introduce the Perfector model in this configuration which will be ideally suited to book publishers. 

What is the USP of the product?
Its perfect size.

What is the speed?
It has a maximum speed of 13,000 impressions per hour. 

How about productivity?
Komori has always been known for its short make-readies. This press can also do up to eight jobs an hour. With Komori's high speed start up feature and short make ready, it delivers the best productivity in terms of net on pallet. This press can deliver a net on pallet above 10,000 in any normal environment. It can do around 70 sets in a 12 hour shift.

Can the product be custom built as per the customer’s requirement?
Customers can opt for HUV printing option on the Press and it will allow customers to print UV on absorbent and non-absorbent media using a standard four colour press with 1 end of press HUV dryer. 

What are its eco-friendly credentials?
The press is full of eco friendly features - it consumes just about 30 KW of power compared to around 55 KW on a 40 inch press - thus saving 25 KW in electricity. Of course it uses 20% less plate size thus saving on plate consumption also. This press does not need alcohol at all. Thus saving both money and environment. It also does not require ink duct foils at all - which is a regular consumable in other presses. It also has a compact foot print thus saving space up to 40% compared to a standard 40 inch press. One can opt for KHS-AI which helps in ink savings and paper wastage reduction thus again helping the environment as well as the pocket. Thus Komori Lithrone A437 is a full of environmentally features - providing the maximum value and return to the printer. 

How easy is it to use?
Insight has a complete team of application specialists who train the operators of our customers not only on how to run the press, but also on how to maintain it in the best possible manner and more importantly on how to get maximum productivity and quality from the press. 

What training/service support is on offer?
Insight has an all India support network of highly experienced and senior engineers who are currently supporting more than one hundred brand new Komori printing presses and pre-owned presses also. 

How many customers worldwide? In India?
Worldwide this press has already become very popular with China ordering around 50 presses till date. We expect to sell around five LA437 presses during Printpack India 2013.

Name some key customers in India...
New Delhi-based Options Printofast is the first customer in India.

Specifications: Paper size 25x37 inch, paper thickness 0.04mm to 0.6mm, speed 13,000 iph, available in two, four and five colour combinations and capability to add HUV facility also.