Review: Autoprint Dion 450+

"Autoprint Dion 450+ is an enhanced version of Dion 450, four-colour offset printing press," says P S Balasubramanian, executive director, Autoprint Machinery Manufacturers to PrintWeek India.

28 Feb 2013 | By Rahul Kumar


When was the product launched?
We launched Autoprint Dion 450+ at PrintPack India 2013.

Who is it targeted at?
Printers who do small and medium print jobs are on our radar. We find a gap between digital and offset production and providing solution to fill it.

What is the USP of the product?
There are many specialities of this machine including its size of 16x20-inch, Kompac automatic dampening system, less makeready time, compact size, attractive ROI and less power consumption.

What is the speed?
This press can print up to 6000 impressions in an hour.

What about productivity?
Printers easily can produce four to five jobs per day.

How flexible is the product? Can the product be custom built as per the customer’s requirement? 
We manufacture the press with standard configuration.

What are its eco-friendly credentials?
It is an eco-friendly machine. It produces acceptable sound level during operation and no polluting substances.

Explain the features.
Print production quality confirms to ISO 12647-2 of international standards.

Difference from others?
This printing press is very compact in size and user friendly. This is the only machine which uses Kompac automatic dampening system. Makeready time is 20-30 minutes and paper treatment is not required. 

How easy is it to use?
It is a layman machine.

What training/service support is on offer?
We provide one week’s free training for two people at their facility and three days on the site follow up training. We have a well-spread after-sales service including more than 100 service points across the country.

How many customers worldwide? In India?
We have around 9000 installations worldwide and out of them 50 are four-colour.

Name some key customers in India...
Velson Printographics, Noida; Inquilab, Mumbai; Perfact Color Digital Prints, Gurgaon; and many more.

Maximum paper size: 400x508 mm
Minimum paper size: 100x150 mm
Paper thickness: 45 to 400 gsm
Inking unit: 18 rollers including 4 oscillators and 3 form rollers